Apple Deluged With Requests for Decrypted iPhone Data

While the sand slipped through the opening
And their hands reached for the golden ring....

CNet reports Apple has been so swamped with law enforcement demands to decrypt iPhone data, it has created a waiting list.

For background on the decryption, see here and this earlier article. I've uploaded the two pages of the October, 2012 ATF search warrant discussing Apple's ability to bypass security codes and provide the information to law enforcement here. (Obtained from Pacer in the Kentucky case, it's a poor copy but readable.)[More...]

EFF has a recent report "Who Has Your Back" .

When you use the Internet, you entrust your conversations, thoughts, experiences, locations, photos, and more to companies like Google, AT&T and Facebook. But what do these companies do when the government demands your private information? Do they stand with you? Do they let you know what’s going on?

The full report is here. Also check out the Digital Due Process Coalition.

Whether it's cell phone data, emails, social media or data stored on our computers or in the cloud, privacy is just about dead. Before it totally slips through our hands, it would be nice if Congress would do something to rein in the deluge of electronic surveillance requests from law enforcement.

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