Sentencing Deal for Jeff Skilling Appears Likely

Former CFO of Enron Jeff Skilling may get his sentence cut appreciably if a deal under consideration between his lawyers and DOJ goes through.

DOJ has sent a written notice to victims:

"The Department of Justice is considering entering into a sentencing agreement with the defendant in this matter...."Such a sentencing agreement could restrict the parties and the Court from recommending, arguing for, or imposing certain sentences or conditions of confinement. It could also restrict the parties from challenging certain issues on appeal, including the sentence ultimately imposed by the Court at a future sentencing hearing."

Skilling, who has served six years, has yet to be resentenced following his appeal that tossed a few counts. He is currently scheduled for release in 2028. Will the deal be for time served?

Both Skilling and Blagojevich are serving their sentences at FCI Englewood. Blagojevich is scheduled for release in 2024. I wonder if they are pals.

Details of Skilling's original sentence here. Posts explaining the ensuing twists and turns are assembled here .

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    Speaking as someone who ... (none / 0) (#1)
    by Donald from Hawaii on Thu Apr 04, 2013 at 05:54:11 PM EST
    ... got fleeced for about $40,000 by Skilling and the late Kenneth Lay when Enron first schemed to get their hands on the utility Portland General, and then converted all PGE shares held by me and others to Enron eventually worthless paper once they did gain control, I'm not at all adverse to the prospect of Jeff Skilling leaving prison after having served six years.

    That said, the guy is certainly no victim, having caused a helluva lot of grief for an awful lot of people, some of whom were ruined financially and professionally. He should never be allowed by the SEC to work in the energy or financial services industries ever again. Let him sell carpeting or tend bar for a living.