"These Guys" Ad by Obama Supporter

Pretty clever. This is the bleeped version, the original is here. H/T to Fishcamp.

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    Amazing (5.00 / 2) (#2)
    by Militarytracy on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 12:14:16 PM EST
    My husband watched it and said that it was good.  Then he laughed and said it was funny, then he said it was sad.  Then he finally said it is funny sad.

    I would (5.00 / 2) (#3)
    by Ga6thDem on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 12:25:48 PM EST
    agree with you husband on funny/sad.

    Mr. MT nailed it. (5.00 / 1) (#5)
    by caseyOR on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 01:25:57 PM EST
    Funny/sad is exactly right.

    And now I am sad.  :-(


    This is even sadder: (none / 0) (#7)
    by oculus on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 01:33:25 PM EST
    well caseyOR (none / 0) (#16)
    by fishcamp on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 07:19:54 PM EST
    snap out of it and try and be funny.  it's merely a filmic representation of the truth and I know you can handle the truth.  It's the other side that can't handle the truth but they better get ready for the true truth because here we come.

    Funny/sad = effective (5.00 / 1) (#8)
    by ruffian on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 02:26:31 PM EST
    Good ad!

    Agreed, and (none / 0) (#9)
    by KeysDan on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 03:01:34 PM EST
    second that H/T to Fishcamp.

    Thanx KeysDan but (none / 0) (#13)
    by fishcamp on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 06:23:40 PM EST
    this guy Louis Ludwig put together a series of great still photographs in a clever editing pan and zoom technique.  Notice how much he dislikes Condi and certain others.  Can anybody name all the people?  I can't but you folks are good.  Jeralyn and BTD could name them in a second and of course jim could too (snark).  

    Romney's foreign policy advisors are dangerous. (5.00 / 5) (#12)
    by caseyOR on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 06:01:42 PM EST
    And, apparently, not very well-informed. If you can stand it, just listen to this bit of Liz Cheney on This Week this morning. In this clip Liz is upset because Obama, in her opinion, has abandoned Czechoslovakia.

    Somebody please let Romney know that there currently is no country named Czechoslovakia and has not been since Jan. 1, 1993.  In its place we have two countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    Honestly, I find it unnerving when I know more about geo-politics than the people advising the person who could be president in January.

    McCain keeps talking about Obama's abandonment of Czechoslovakia, too. He has been yammering o about this non-existent nation for years. Why is it that no one in the press ever calls him on this?

    And why is it that no one in the press seems the least bit concerned that these ignorant yahoos could be in charge again?

    They miss the Soviet Union (5.00 / 3) (#15)
    by MKS on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 06:52:15 PM EST
    And Mitt Romney's getting pummelled ... (5.00 / 2) (#14)
    by Donald from Hawaii on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 06:29:04 PM EST
    ... by various editorial boards across the country for his recent insensitive and opportunistic comments attacking President Obama after the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. Here are a few samples -- from battleground states, no less:

    Des Moines Register | September 13, 2012
    Another View: He blunders again with foreign policy - "Mitt Romney should be ashamed. The way he behaved on Tuesday night and Wednesday after the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and the killing of J. Christopher Stevens, the American ambassador to Libya, is not befitting a candidate for president of the United States."

    Concord Monitor | September 14, 2012
    Romney's amateur comments on Libya - "The demented attacks on America's embassy in Egypt and consulate in Libya, and Mitt Romney's hasty and hyperbolic response to them, raises similar questions about the Republican presidential candidate's fitness to govern. Romney's condemnation of the Obama administration, at a time when American lives had been lost and its embassies were under siege, calls his judgment and ability to guide foreign policy into question."

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | September 14, 2012
    Romney's gamble: He uses a day of American loss for political points - "Mitt Romney's mishandled response to the killings Tuesday in Libya of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans calls into question his ability and that of his team to perform their foreign policy responsibilities if he were to reach the White House. The Republican nominee already fumbled the ball during his July visit to the United Kingdom, Israel and Poland when he managed to insult the British, America's faithful friend in war and peace, by questioning their ability to carry out the Olympic Games successfully. His handling of the Benghazi tragedy was shockingly inept."

    Palm Beach Post | September 14, 2012
    Editorial: Foreign policy no longer a debate afterthought - "This week's events in Egypt, Libya and Yemen remind us that foreign policy crises can whirl up like fast-developing tornadoes, skittering across even carefully planned policies. They also reveal how people who seek high office react during a crisis. For the moment, commentary has focused on Mitt Romney's premature, inaccurate blast at the Obama administration for 'sympathizing' with those who carried out the violence that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. In fact, the comments were from one Cairo embassy staffer, came before news of the murders in Benghazi, Libya, were aimed at heading off protests over an anti-Muslim video and were ordered removed by the White House. Mr. Romney does himself no favors by doubling down on a very unpresidential response."

    Funny ad, sorta (none / 0) (#1)
    by MKS on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 11:28:42 AM EST
    Romney is big on war, even more so than McCain.

    Dunno if he's ''big" on war, but his owners (none / 0) (#4)
    by Mr Natural on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 12:37:07 PM EST
    are big on war profits, for as we know equipment wears out much faster in a hostile environment.  Bombs, bullets, guns, or butter?

    No thanks, says the military industrial complex, no butter for me.


    It is disturbing how strong (none / 0) (#18)
    by Militarytracy on Mon Sep 17, 2012 at 08:50:42 AM EST
    A role Dan Senor is playing in working for Romney/Ryan.  He has even been involved in speech writing.  I think it is a correct observation that Romney has gone full NeoCon.  I track the NeoConners closely after what they did to my family, Romney has adopted all of them.

    great ad (none / 0) (#6)
    by ZtoA on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 01:33:14 PM EST

    In The Words of The Great William Shatner (none / 0) (#10)
    by john horse on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 05:42:08 PM EST
    Great ad.  So Romney's foreign policy advisers were the same people that got us into Iraq?  Why is it that those outside of mainstream media, like Talkleft, are the only ones covering this?

    The mainstream media attitude toward the neocons reminds me of that character in William Shatner's song That's Me Trying:

    So let's just pretend that
    the past didn't happen . . .
    no need to tell me where I went wrong . . .
    See, if we never had a problem
    Then that's what life would be like

    To (5.00 / 1) (#17)
    by lentinel on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 08:37:33 PM EST
    my way of thinking, Hillary Clinton as Senator, Kerry as Senator, and especially Tom Daschle - all helped us get into Iraq. They voted for the damn thing - and then feigned ignorance.

    Kerry ran with Edwards. Both having voted for the war. In fact, Obama used that as his rationalization for not speaking against the war at the convention of 2004. Then he endorsed Lieberman, the vulture, in 2006.

    Clinton is now Secty of State.
    Kerry is doing great - speaking at the convention.


    What I believe is that the forces behind the political figureheads, like the president, remain. Shadowy, but firmly in control. Pulling the strings.

    And they will go on and on.

    Caveat: This does not mean that anyone in his or her right mind should vote for Romney. But to expect that we will be getting an enlightened foreign policy from the incumbent is wistful thinking.


    I Have Read Some Mentions, and Seen a Couple... (5.00 / 2) (#19)
    by ScottW714 on Mon Sep 17, 2012 at 09:57:03 AM EST
    ...bits on Romney's foreign policy advisers.  The problem is Americans can't be bother to know who actually got us into the war beyond Bush/Rumsfeld.  There re people who still think Saddam was behind 9/11.  Jim this is your cue.

    I doubt the average American could name more than 4 people in the above ad, and that is being generous.


    Actually (none / 0) (#11)
    by Ga6thDem on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 05:53:57 PM EST
    Maureen Dowd did a column on it today.

    Great video, thanks! (none / 0) (#20)
    by Babel 17 on Mon Sep 17, 2012 at 05:06:16 PM EST
    We can forgive but we can't forget.