Rielle Hunter's Attorneys Join John Edwards Legal Team

John Edwards has added Rielle Hunter's lawyers to his legal team in his criminal case. The two lawyers represented Hunter in her civil case against Andrew Young. James Cooney and his firm moved to withdraw. A hearing was held today to determine if there might be a conflict, since Rielle is a potential government witness against him, and whether it was waivable. Both John and Rielle waived any potential conflict. If Rielle testifies, she will be cross-examined by lead counsel Abbe Lowell or someone from his office, rather than her former lawyers.

The Government disclosed in pleadings today that Rielle Hunter received immunity in the criminal case. [More...]

Hunter gave testimonial, documentary and physical evidence during the investigation, prosecutors said in court papers. The immunity agreement, which was reached early in the probe, covers only Hunter’s testimony, which cannot be used against her, Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Higdon told Eagles today. When Eagles asked if the government planned to charge Hunter, Higdon said, “I don’t know. She could be charged.”

Hunter was represented by a different lawyer in the criminal investigation, who continues to represent her.

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