Change: No Forced Evacuations At Kerobokan Prison

After negotiating with rioting inmates and consulting other inmates, authorities in Bali have announced there will be no forced evacuation of prisoners at Kerobokan Prison.

Some Indonesian inmates do want to leave because the prison is too far from their homes. Authorities have agreed to transfer these inmates to prisons closer to home. 17 of the inmates, all male, who left yesterday were resettled at Tabanan.

Schapelle Corby, the Bali 9 and two other Australian inmates want to stay at Kerobokan. While Scott Rush left yesterday, as I noted here, he was quickly returned, as were a dozen or so other foreign inmates who had left. So they will not be moved....for now. [More...]

The inmates did not think it was fair that those who did not riot should be punished by a prison transfer.

Two inmates were released yesterday, but it was because their sentences were up. Their families had come to collect them.

The authorities know who the leaders of the riot are, and will deal with them later.

Authorities also agreed to address the overcrowding issue and say they are planning on building new prisons.

There have been conflicting reports as to whether the the head of the prison will lose his position. Earlier it was reported that the Security Chief of the prison, Sihabudin Anang, had been terminated. There are reports now that the head of the prison, Bowo Nariwono, has also been terminated.

The governor of Bali's main jail, Bowo Nariwono has been sacked after his prison was wrecked and burned over two nights of rioting this week.

Mr Nariwono, who only took up the post in January, has not yet spoken of about the decision, but has been punished for losing control of the prison for two consecutive nights this week. The prison's head of security, Mr Bowo's second in command, was also sacked this morning.

The rioting inmates had initially demanded the three inmates who had been shot with rubber bullets be returned to the prison. But when negotiators explained they were in the hospital, not another prison, it ceased being an immediate issue.

Authorities have asked people to be more responsible so that false information doesn't reach the inmates, setting them off again. I think the time/date delay is a factor. Right now it is 11:45 am on Friday in Bali, 8:45 pm Thursday in Denver, and 2:45 pm Friday in Sydney. Some media outlets are still reporting yesterday's news of forced evacuations and reporting that foreign prisoners will be moved.

What's not explained is how the prison, which was declared uninhabitable yesterday due to lack of electricity and water, will be fixed while the inmates continue to inhabit it.

Also interesting, the fires in the administrative offices destroyed the prisoners' records which would include the length of their sentences and release dates. Apparently, there's no electronic backup. How long will it take to get 1,000 records from the various courts that sentenced them?

So for now, it seems like a complete disaster has been averted. But the prison is still a hellhole and the riots have brought much needed attention to the deplorable conditions.

Update: The military and hundreds of police are gone. Just a small number of police remain outside the front door. Representatives of the National Human Rights Commission are there to help with mediation and protect the prisoners' rights.

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