Prisoners Riot, Take Control of Bali's Kerobokan Prison

Authorities say Schapelle Corby and the other Australians serving drug sentences in Kerobakan Prison are safe, following a night of riots by prisoners that resulted in multiple fires and guards abandoning the prison.

The riot broke out about 11pm on Tuesday, with prisoners trashing cells and throwing stones at the guards who were forced to retreat to the street outside the overcrowded jail which houses more than 1000 male and female inmates.

Some prisoners were then able to gain access to the registration wing of the jail, within metres of the entrance to the facility, where they set offices and furniture alight.

Police stormed the prison this morning and took back control. Three prisoners were hospitalized after being shot with rubber bullets by police. Photos are here. [More...]

Authorities say the riot began after a prisoner was stabbed on Sunday. Others say the riot was a protest of prison conditions, including discrimination in access to medical care.

Last month, a prisoner was found dead in his cell, having been tortured by more than a dozen inmates.

The prison houses 1,000 inmates in a facility built to hold 300. It is a hellhole, or as one former prisoner described it in a book, Hell on Earth.

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