Anti-Drug War Film Wins Sundance Best Documentary

"The House I Live In", by Eugene Jarecki, a documentary film that rips our War on Drugs and policies of over-incarceration, won the Grand Jury Prize for best Documentary at Sundance. [More...]

Jarecki says, “We began a journey many many years ago when someone I love in the audience very much ... she inspired me to be very concerend about social justice” and it set me and my team on a journey to find out what’s happening to families like Manny’s ... “it’s a terrible, tragic little secret” we have in America, he says. The criminal justice system is “tragically immoral,” Jarecki says and we need reform - putting people in jail for nonviolent crime must end, he says. “I thank those men and women who shared their stories with us.”

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    "Tragically immoral".... (none / 0) (#1)
    by kdog on Mon Jan 30, 2012 at 01:32:25 PM EST
    nail on the head, very well said.

    Thanks for the heads up J, looks well worth checking out.

    The "race to the top" (none / 0) (#2)
    by jondee on Mon Jan 30, 2012 at 03:05:35 PM EST
    (worst title in history for an educational program, btw) is the REAL drug in this country that's driving everyone to self-medicate: a  hyper-competitive, unloving, social Darwinist steeple chase; in which everyone unconsciously internalizes the ethos of corporations scrambling for market share  -- the one that pits all competing against all, makes your foibles, weaknesses, and bad luck all your fault -- indeed, makes empathy and compassion themselves weaknesses to be marginalzed -- and makes "Capitalism: The Hidden Ideal"..

    One the main results: "the horrors of drug abuse", and more children and adults in this country on LEGAL, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, and anti-psychotic medications than in any other developed nation on the planet -- whatever it takes to squelch that still, small, (but persistent) voice that tells us we've gone many miles down the wrong path for way too long..