Eleanor Mondale Dies of Brain Cancer at 51

Eleanor Mondale, daughter of former Vice President Walter Mondale, has died of brain cancer at age 51.

Eleanor was considered a "wild child" back in the day. I remember when she was dating Don Henley. According to news reports, she also dated Warren Zevon . Her friendship with Bill Clinton made Monica Lewinsky jealous.

In addition to her parents and brother, she is survived by her third husband, rock musician Chan Poling, whom she married in 2005. [More...]

From the 12/24/90 issue of People:

Glamorous and peripatetic Eleanor Mondale, 30, middle child of ex-Veep Walter Mondale, plans to marry fellow Minneapolis disc jockey Greg Thunder, also 30 (below). Colleagues at WLOL, the radio station where the couple work, are suggesting a Valentine's Day wedding. Eleanors fans will recall that she spent the early "80s in Los Angeles teaching aerobics and pursuing an acting career, the mid-'80s in Chicago working as a deejay (and marrying and divorcing Chicago Bear Keith Van Home) and since 1989 has been in Minneapolis, where she co-owns an aerobics studio and worked as a TV reporter before joining WLOL as a deejay. Pre-Thunder, Mondale had a brief fling last fall with rocker Don Henley.

The New York Times says she also dated Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ron Perelman. (the Schwarzenegger romance was pre-Maria, in 1978 when she was 18.)

At various points, she worked for ESPN, E!, CBS and NBC. For the past several years, she had a radio show in Minnesota. She was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2005. After surgery she returned to work. In 2009, after another bout with the cancer, she retired. In an email to friends yesterday, her father wrote:

"Early Saturday morning, September 17th, 2011, our dearest sweet Eleanor passed away from this world," the journal entry said. "Eleanor Mondale Poling lived bravely, without regret or fear, with such amazing strength and grace, for 6 years after being diagnosed with brain cancer in 2005."

R.I.P. Eleanor.

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