Blagojevich Finishes Testimony, Closings Coming Soon

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich finished seven days of testimony today.

As he stepped off the stand, a jaunty Blagojevich tried to shake hands with lead prosecutor Reid Schar, but the government attorney turned away after the two had sparred for several days.

Judge James Zagel told jurors not to read anything into the rebuff, saying lawyers are instructed not to interact with witnesses.

At least one legal observer at the trial thought Blagojevich did better on the witness stand than expected. Does he have a chance? Can he persuade one juror? Team Blago may call a few more witnesses tomorrow, and then it's time for closing arguments.

Also today, Blagojevich wants the Judge to reconsider his refusal to introduce a transcrip in which Rahm asks Blago to appoint Forrest Claypool to the House seat Rahm was vacating. [More...]

Rahm wanted the guy to have the seat for three weeks to give him a heads-up in the election. Rahm comes off much sleazier than Blago in the call. Blago kept questioning whether it would be legal, and Rahm says if he does it, he'll never forget it. The transcript, which hasn't previously been released, is here.

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    Jeralyn, did you read enough about (none / 0) (#1)
    by Peter G on Wed Jun 08, 2011 at 10:58:15 AM EST
    Blago's testimony -- and particularly his handling of the cross-examination -- to have an opinion of your own on how he did and how a jury might respond to it?  I'd value your long distance opinion on this more than that of "one [unidentified] legal observer" who was in the courtroom.