Who Was Killed With Ilyas Kashmiri?

All day I've been reading two of the people killed with Ilyas Kashmiri are Amir Hamza and Mohammed Usman.

Recently tortured and killed journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad wrote in October, 2010 that Mohammed Usman, who was an associate of Kashmiri and Osama bin Laden, had been killed in a drone strike. [More...]

So are today's news reports wrong, or were there two Mohammed Usmans who hung out with Ilyas Kashmiri, or like the false 2009 report on the death of Kashmiri, was Usman misidentified? The names of these alleged terrorists are so similar, it's hard to tell who's who. But Shahzad was an excellent reporter with access to Kashmiri and his associates. Did he ever write a follow-up retracting the article about Usman's death?

If Mohammed Usman died in 2010, he wasn't killed with Kashmiri on Friday. The bodies were reportedly unidentifiable and buried within a day. How can anyone be sure Kashmiri really is dead this time?

Update: Shahzad last month also wrote of his very recent travel to South Warzistan to meet with the head of Mullah Nazir, Ahmad Nazir. Here's a picture of Nazir. He spent a week there, from "from the main city Wana to the border town of Angorada" and interviewed Nazir as well as locals.

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