Tahawwur Rana's Wife Discusses Major Iqbal

Samraz Rana, the wife of Tahawwur Rana, on trial in Chicago for conspiring with David Headley and others in the Mumbai bombings and a planned attack on a Danish news agency, has given an exlcusive interview to Times of India.

In addition to discussing how David Coleman Headley duped her husband, she explains that Rana actually knew Major Iqbal from their early army officer days.

In a stunning revelation, Samraz Rana, speaking in a mix of English and Urdu, explained that Balajee was known to her husband in his early days in uniform as a medical corps doctor as a colleague in the Pakistani army, perhaps even before he became a Lashkar or an ISI operative.


Rana deserted from the Army. His wife says it was for health reasons. But whatever the reason, she says it meant he could not return to Pakistan ever, because they would not give him a visa.

She says Rana really was trying to get a visa from Major Iqbal:

She said they were hoping that Balajee aka Major Iqbal, her husband's ex army connection, with his government connections and influence, would help her husband secure a visa to visit Pakistan. In fact, on the last day of trial in court, this week, the email interchange between Major Sameer Ali of the ISI and Rana read, "We were introduced by David Headley, could you arrange for a visa for me to return to Pakistan?"

Samraz Rana explained her husband, was reintroduced to his ex-colleagues from Pakistan by Headley and convinced that his business and visa interest could be augmented with their mutual association.

The trial is winding down, and Rana's attorneys have said it's unlikely he will testify, but they are still considering the options.

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    Small correction (none / 0) (#1)
    by Nemi on Fri Jun 03, 2011 at 05:49:44 AM EST
    Jyllands Posten is a newspaper not a news agency.

    It is still - 5 years after having first printed the Muhammed Cartoons - regularly being threatened by attacks because of that. Luckily the only victims so far have been either the attackers or would be attackers, the latest being the so called "One legged bomber":

    12 years to Doukaev for terrorism attempt