NY-26: Hochul Mentions Medicare And Taxing The Rich

Via David Nir, the winning candidate in the NY-26 special election mentions Medicare and raising taxes on the rich:

Tonight we showed that many voters are willing to ignore a party label and vote for the person and for the message they believe in. We showed that thousands upon thousands of voters are more powerful than millions of dollars in outside money. We showed that our grassroots army – including thousands of donors and thousands of volunteers, who knocked on more than 53,000 doors and made more than 77,000 calls and over the last four days –could overcome our enrollment disadvantage and the fact that we were outspent by more than 2-to-1.

[. . . W]e can balance our budget the right way—- not on the backs of our seniors——but by closing corporate loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas, and ending subsidies to Big Oil and yes, by making the multi-millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share.

And we can ensure we do not decimate Medicare. We will keep the promises made to our seniors who have spent their lives paying into Medicare, so they can count on health care when they need it most.”

(Emphasis supplied.)

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    Hope she realizes these are not democratic (5.00 / 0) (#2)
    by Bornagaindem on Wed May 25, 2011 at 12:43:23 PM EST
    positions she is touting. Oh they used to be democratic positions but with Obama in charge they are no longer. Because he says we are in a recovery and he wants to balance the budget.

    How sad - at least when Bill Clinton lost the house 2 years into his presidency it was because he passed a budget that raised taxes on the rich and lo and behold led us into a surplus.

    What Kathy Hochul said and what Karl Rove did (none / 0) (#5)
    by Erehwon on Wed May 25, 2011 at 03:47:47 PM EST
    "I for one think that everything should be on the table, entitlements, defense spending, but also revenues," Hochul said when asked what she would cut. "I don't think its fair to ask our seniors to have to get a voucher and be on their own with private insurance companies ... so they can continue with tax breaks for millionaires."

    But what did American Crossroads do with the stupid reference to entitlement cuts ...

    False Ad

    And they had the money to carpet bomb Western NY!

    So smart democrats (are there any left?) should learn something about what not to say ...


    Nobody tells the Democratic base (none / 0) (#6)
    by Militarytracy on Wed May 25, 2011 at 03:52:49 PM EST
    what the Democrat positions are, unless the base decides to let them. And much of the Democrat base has made that choice.  But the other half of those "cats" out there haven't agreed to any of the New Dem platform.  We can always primary the old idiots up there.

    Refreshing (5.00 / 0) (#3)
    by mmc9431 on Wed May 25, 2011 at 12:44:35 PM EST
    Does she want the job of party leader! We could certainly use her voice. It's refreshing to hear a Democrat talk like a Democrat. I was beginning to think I real Democrats were extinct.

    If you (none / 0) (#1)
    by Ga6thDem on Wed May 25, 2011 at 12:32:44 PM EST
    ever watched any of her ads online, Hochul made it very clear where she stands on the issues.

    And I think that's (5.00 / 1) (#4)
    by Zorba on Wed May 25, 2011 at 02:41:13 PM EST
    exactly why she won.

    The Hochul statement here (none / 0) (#7)
    by christinep on Wed May 25, 2011 at 03:55:40 PM EST
    looks to be the template for Democratic races in 2012. With the wind at the back and the good timing now...there is every reason for optimism.

    And, why not, it goes lots further than pessimism. Is it the silver lining in the cloud or the cloud that comes with every silver lining?  We know that for Congresswoman-elect Hochul, who was not given any chance to win this election two months ago, it was the assertive optimism. Plus, the incredible timing of Paul Ryan & his Repub buddies.

    Greece, here we come (none / 0) (#8)
    by diogenes on Wed May 25, 2011 at 08:39:34 PM EST
    Too bad that the proposed increases in taxing the rich, "closing corporate loopholes", and raising oil taxes won't pull in enough money to offset the fact that actual cutbacks (as opposed to abstract ones) in entitlement programs like Medicare are now off the table.  

    Was that assertion pulled out of thin air (none / 0) (#9)
    by christinep on Wed May 25, 2011 at 08:49:00 PM EST
    ...or from somehwere else (ideologically speaking, of course?)