Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Patriot Act Extension

The Senate Judiciary Committee today approved the extension of three controversial provisions of the Patriot Act. The bill was ordered reported by a roll call vote of 10-7. One Republican, Mike Lee of Utah, voted for Leahy's bill. The Obama administration and the Attorney General supported Leahy's bill.

Sen. Leahy said the bill approved by the committee contains added civil liberties and privacy protections. He introduced S. 193 on January 26. It is available here and here. Several amendments were made and voted on today. You can see them here (scroll down to bills section.)[More...]

I wonder if anyone will mention the amendment by Sen. Grassley to add new death penalty offenses. Did it pass? Looks like it to me, but maybe someone more familiar with the procedure can confirm or refute. The Judiciary Committee page says of the Amendment, "Motion To Table Failed, 7-10 Adopted By Voice Vote."

President Obama signed a temporary three month extension a few weeks ago. This bill, if passed by the Senate, provides for extensions until 2012 and 2013. The House has also passed a bill extending the three provisions.

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