U.S. Adds Another Surveillance Drone to SW Border

The U.S. has added another surveillance drone to the Southwest border to aid in the war on drugs. It's in Sierra Vista, AZ.

The Predator-B drone is based at the National Air Security Operations Center in Sierra Vista, a few miles north of the Mexico border in southeast Arizona, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency said.

The addition brings CBP's fleet of surveillance drones along the nearly 2,000-mile southwest border with Mexico to six. Four are based at the Arizona center, and two more overfly the border from Corpus Christi, Texas.

The addition was authorized in the supplemental budget provisions of August 2010. CBP's press release is here. CBP's list of top seizures for 2011 is here.

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    Meanwhile (none / 0) (#1)
    by fiver on Tue Dec 27, 2011 at 05:58:46 PM EST
    Many schools in AZ move to a 4 day school week because we just couldn't possibly afford otherwise.