"Mapping the FBI": ACLU Documents the Abuses

The ACLU unveiled "Mapping the FBI" today, a project documenting surveillance abuses and racial profiling by the FBI, particularly in Muslim communities.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is collecting racial and ethnic information and “mapping” American communities around the country based on crude stereotypes about which groups commit different types of crimes. Nationwide, the FBI is gathering reports on innocent Americans' so-called “suspicious activity” and sharing it with unknown numbers of federal, state and local government agencies.

The ACLU has posted all the supporting documents, and they are searchable by numerous categories. [More...]

The FBI's power needs to be scaled back. The ACLU asks for these changes:

  • Ending suspicion-less intelligence collection, and ensuring that investigations only take place if they are supported by articulable facts and are properly limited in time and scope.
  • -Rescinding the exemption in existing authorities that permits the FBI's use of racial and ethnic profiling in national security and border integrity investigations; and
  • Prohibiting profiling based on religion and national origin.
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