American Idol: The Road to Hollywood Continues

If you missed American Idol last night, "The Road to Hollywood" continues tonight. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are both good additions, but last night, it was Tyler who stole the show. It's worth watching tonight just to hear what will come out of his mouth next.

"Well, hellfire, save matches, f--- a duck, and see what hatches!"

When a female contestant opened her blouse to show huge metallic cardboard stars pasted onto her breasts, Steven asked her: "What's with the jujubees on your ooh-ooh-bees?"

The news headlines today point out that ratings last night were down in the coveted categories. The show still pulled in 26 million viewers, more than the other networks, and 2 million more viewers than last May's finale. And its overall viewership still beats Dancing With the Stars by 20%. [More...]

I think Tyler will be a ratings draw. He's entertaining, funny and unpredictable. And still sexy at 62. I don't miss Simon at all.

The show will also benefit from JLo, who has never looked better and is adapting a caring, almost maternal, tone. What an improvement over Kara and Ellen. And Paula, for that matter.

On a related note, Tyler's new website, StevenTyler, went live yesterday. And he told David Letterman Monday night that in 2008, when he fell off the stage during a concert and broke his shoulder, he had been high from snorting Lunesta. (Yes, that Lunesta -- the sleeping pill.) Snorting Lunesta? Who does that?

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    He's fabulous. I think I'm in love.... (none / 0) (#1)
    by Angel on Thu Jan 20, 2011 at 08:54:54 PM EST

    NPR's "All Things Considered" (none / 0) (#2)
    by oculus on Fri Jan 21, 2011 at 12:26:24 AM EST
    did a piece today on last night's show.  Really bad singing.  

    The new judges are sweet (none / 0) (#3)
    by TeresaInSnow2 on Fri Jan 21, 2011 at 06:29:44 AM EST
    And are going to get really boring after awhile.

    I think the show needs an "evil judge"...or at least a totally honest judge.