Supreme Court Grants Cert in 14 Cases

The Supreme Court Justices held their annual conference yesterday and announced 14 cases will receive review. The full order list is here. Via Sentencing Law and Policy, here are the criminal cases:

In the Kentucky case, the Court will decide whether police can use evidence they seized breaking into the wrong apartment following a drug suspect. [More...]

It began when police in Lexington followed a suspected drug dealer as he entered an apartment building.

They walked down a hallway and, detecting the smell of marijuana, broke into an apartment. They did not have a search warrant. Inside, they found Hollis King and two others with marijuana and crack cocaine. King was arrested and pleaded guilty, but he also contended the search of his apartment was illegal — because the original suspect apparently had gone into an apartment across the hall.

A civil case involving Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern also made the cut.

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