What Should We Care About From Our Pols?

Writing about Harry Reid's stupid statement about the Cordoba Center (I ask again, who gives a sh*t where Harry Reid thinks it should be built?), Glenn Greenwald writes:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid -- the top-ranking Democrat in the Congress -- joined Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and friends today in opining that Park 51 "should be built some place else." Make sure you donate to Reid's campaign, as it's absolutely vital that this Good Democrat wins!

Arguments can be made in favor or in opposition to Harry Reid's candidacy, but I would hope they would focus on things Harry Reid actually has some authority over. Personally, I think Harry Reid's pander was execrable and stupid, but it has nothing at all to to do with being a Senator. Jed Lewison bizarrely wrote that "Harry Reid is using his influence as the majority leader of one of the two chambers of our nation's legislative branch to intervene in a matter of faith." Maybe I missed it, but I don't remember Harry Reid proposing or pushing any legislation on this "issue." What the hell is Jed Lewison talking about?

Speaking for me only

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