Charlie Sheen's Plea Deal Keeps Getting Better

Charlie Sheen, who will plead guilty to misdemeanor assault tomorrow in Aspen, just got another benefit added on: He's going to be able to get work release during his 18 day county jail stint to teach at a local theatre and it will apply to his useful public service obligation. The jail's guidelines are here.

I still think Sheen is being treated more harshly because of his celebrity, and it seems even the D.A. doesn't disagree:

“He's really not getting anything different than the average person under similar circumstances would receive,” [D.A. Arnold] Mordkin said, “and perhaps, he's receiving a little more harsh treatment.”

Also, apparently the jail has been getting so many media inquiries as to whether it's really a jail or just a comfy country club, Sheriff Bob Braudis is holding a media conference at 4:00 pm to explain. [More...]

While it's more pleasant than most jails, mostly due to the staff's enlightened perspective, it is still a jail. While it's more pleasant than most, and the food is better, everyone still has to sleep in a cell at night and they are tiny: 65 square feet.

Also, the jail's pretty crowded right now, it's up to 21 inmates. (Friday there were 19.) Charlie will have to mingle with 21 strangers,

Our past coverage of the case is assembled here. More on Sheriff Bob Braudis here and why he's my favorite lawman here. Since he's retiring in November, I'll put in another plug for the best replacement, Undersheriff Joe DiSalvo.

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    I think you're right. (none / 0) (#1)
    by gondobie on Mon Jun 07, 2010 at 09:59:19 PM EST
    Why not a deferred judgment and sentence--the standard offer for first time DV offenders in almost every Colorado county?