Friday Morning Open Thread

Open Thread. All topics welcome. But I will add a few words about today's World Cup matches.

While both Brazil and Portugal are virtually assured of going through to the Round of 16 (Brazil IS assured), this morning's game between them has significance nonetheless- it determines who will play Spain (if Spain gets through) in the Round of 16.

Interestingly, if you wanted to avoid Spain (Chile is a very good team), you would not know whether to play to win or draw. Spain does not face Chile until this afternoon.

If Spain falters, avoiding Chile to instead play Switzerland would be a big plus. In any event, Brazil and Portugal should be incapable of playing an uninteresting game. A must see. In the afternoon, Spain again plays for its World Cup life against a very good Chile team. (Group H turned into the real Group of Death.) Switzerland can, indeed, should, beat Honduras. If it does, Spain MUST beat Chile to advance. In effect, Spain must win the Group or go home. I like Brazil, Ivory Coast, Spain and Switzerland in today's matches.

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    all my motives are ulterior (5.00 / 1) (#3)
    by Capt Howdy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 09:31:27 AM EST
    Here's one from oil baron J. Paul Getty... (5.00 / 1) (#20)
    by FoxholeAtheist on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 12:47:49 PM EST
    The meek shall inherit the Earth, but not its mineral rights.

    Ain't that the truth.


    Bork And Yoo In the News (5.00 / 1) (#6)
    by squeaky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 10:36:39 AM EST
    Hilarious. Torture Yoo is quoting Bork in order to point out that Kagan will be an activist judge because she will listen favorably to human right abuse cases, and be against things like using lethal force against terrorist suspects, and their ensuing torture in the case they were not killed.

    It starts with a quote from Kagan:

    [Bork] is making hey over the fact that as Harvard Law School dean Kagan once introduced former Israeli Chief Justice Aharon Barak as "my judicial hero." (She proceeded to say he "is the judge who has best advanced democracy, human rights, the rule of law, and justice.")

    And Yoo takes it out of the park:

    Yoo complains, "Barak is the poster child for judicial activism. Barak has brazenly pushed the power of the Court to the point where it reviews the use of lethal force to target terrorist leaders, hears cases brought by human rights groups against the Israeli intelligence agencies and their detention and interrogation policies, and even directs the Israeli government where the wall along the Palestinian territory should run."


    A judge making judgements (none / 0) (#7)
    by ruffian on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 10:51:28 AM EST
    Heaven forbid.

    I think Yoo's description of a non-activist judge would resemble a giant rubber stamp.


    lol (none / 0) (#8)
    by squeaky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 11:02:48 AM EST
    Good one!

    Oily Rain: I've been waiting for some (5.00 / 1) (#11)
    by FoxholeAtheist on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 11:38:38 AM EST
    reasonably credible news source to weigh in on reports of rainy oil in various parts of Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. Well, TruthOut just linked to this story: It's Raining Oil In Louisiana?:
    A smattering of reports from along the coast indicate similar occurrences accompanied by a strong odor of oil...According to a 2003 study, [and the MMS, and numerous other sources]:
    Most oil spill behavior models include evaporation...Within a few days following a spill [this spill is ongoing], light crude oils can lose up to 75 percent of their initial volume; medium crudes up to 40 percent; and heavy or residual oils lose no more than 10 percent of their volume...

    And then there is the question of whether a million plus gallons of Corexit will also cause contaminated rain:

    Dispersants break up the natural surface tension in oil, sending small droplets into the water column and reducing the surface area which may evaporate, however it also changes the chemistry of the oil which remains on the surface.

    Gawd help us -- it's starting to look like the Seven Plagues of Revelation.

    My husband predicted that it would (none / 0) (#12)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 11:44:12 AM EST
    rain oil.  It didn't think it would be possible but he insisted that the evaportion process would not leave all the oil behind.  And I guess maybe it didn't.

    What irony (none / 0) (#45)
    by MKS on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:15:52 PM EST
    if the End of the World comes not because of socialists or gays but because of greed and disregard of the environment.....

    It's like (none / 0) (#48)
    by jbindc on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:29:01 PM EST
    The beginning of the fall of the Roman Empire.....

    Luckily, the world is ending on December 21, 2012, so it won't matter.


    Dear Steve (5.00 / 1) (#17)
    by ruffian on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 12:17:51 PM EST
    You know I love you and want to have your cyber babies, but a phone I need a 30dollar rubber bumper in order to use is not a phone I want to buy. Surely you know by now that I am left-handed.

    I will give you until the next iPhone model to correct this 'feature'. Don't worry, I will not see other phones in the meantime.

    Xoxo, ruffian

    Yeah (none / 0) (#18)
    by squeaky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 12:21:41 PM EST
    What were they thinking...?  

    none of the testers were left handed?

    I will wait as well. Not that I have a cell phone anyway, but if I were to get one it would have been an iPhone... till now!


    Really (none / 0) (#24)
    by ruffian on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:30:39 PM EST
    I understand his point about all phones having better or worse signal reception depending on position, but this seems a little extreme. I've not had one dropped call with my iPhone 3GS. This article sounds like I would have them regularly with the way I hold the phone. Maybe it is not really that bad. I'll experiment with my friend's phone when he gets it.

    I WON'T buy a case or 'bumper' I would not need except for that, that's for sure. In fact the fact that they have these bumbers all ready to go tells me a lot.


    LOL! (none / 0) (#73)
    by Zorba on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:42:05 PM EST
    They want you to buy a $29 bumper (plus tax, of course) because you're left-handed?  How ridiculous!  Somewhere between 10 and 15% of the population is left-handed (depending upon which study you look at).

    I'm reading more about it (none / 0) (#78)
    by ruffian on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:56:00 PM EST
    that says it might have to do with sweaty hands, can't re-recreate the problem on all of the phones, etc....still, it must be prevalent enough that they rushed these bands to market. I'm suspicious.

    I would be, too, ruffian (none / 0) (#97)
    by Zorba on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 08:24:24 PM EST
    They "can't recreate" the problem, but they have a (supposed) fix for it that will cost you more?  Must be nice to be a big corporation who can make stuff that doesn't work the way it's supposed to in certain reasonably foreseeable conditions, and then charge you more for a fix.

    sort of funny (none / 0) (#70)
    by lilburro on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:39:00 PM EST
    that Apple is known for making products for creatives and yet produced a phone that lefties can't use...what with left-handedness being a sign of creative thought and all.

    It surprises me a bit that nobody at the top at Apple is left-handed.


    this is an interesting headline (5.00 / 1) (#37)
    by CST on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:06:44 PM EST
    "Stealth ban on Gulf drilling"

    apparently there have been no shallow water drilling permits issued.  Oil companies are complaining that this "stealth ban" is losing jobs.  But the devil is in the details:

    "An Interior Department spokeswoman said there is no freeze on shallow water drilling. However, she said, new safety procedures were put in place following the Deepwater Horizon spill.

    "Companies have to comply before we can issue them permits," the spokeswoman said. "No one has fully complied.""

    emphasis mine.

    Best news I've heard about (none / 0) (#43)
    by MKS on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:12:44 PM EST
    drilling and the oceans in a long time.

    No new drilling.   Check.

    Actual tight regulation.  Check.



    Exactly (5.00 / 1) (#71)
    by ruffian on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:39:01 PM EST
    Interesting that regulators actually regulating equates to a ban. Certainly what the companies have been afraid of for a long time.

    They've had 8 solid years of no regulation (none / 0) (#74)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:48:32 PM EST
    They will scream like bipolar teenagers.  The drama will be palpable.  They have the phone in hand running across the house and they are calling child services :)

    lol (5.00 / 1) (#75)
    by ruffian on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:53:15 PM EST
    Judges judging
    Regulators regulating

    smells like....government!


    D@mn you ruffian! (5.00 / 1) (#79)
    by jbindc on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:57:01 PM EST
    How could you wish for such things?  Next you'll want Democrats to act like Democrats!

    oooh, a girl can still dream (none / 0) (#81)
    by ruffian on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 04:03:46 PM EST
    I think that's only possible (none / 0) (#83)
    by jbindc on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 04:05:28 PM EST
    If Mr. Rourke and Tattoo are involved somehow....

    oops (none / 0) (#88)
    by CST on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 04:23:40 PM EST
    I just realized I forgot the link

    The Writer Who Couldn't Read (none / 0) (#1)
    by Capt Howdy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 09:05:56 AM EST
    Howard Engel is an accomplished Canadian novelist. One day, he had a stroke and lost the ability to read -- that is, his brain could no longer process text as a fixed reference. But Engel found that he could still write, even though, shortly after writing a piece of text, he was unable to read it. So Engel devised a way to use this remaining ability to regain his literacy. Cartoonist and animator Levni Yilmaz produced this video for National Public Radio explaining how Engel was able to do it.

    I like that someone made a video for National Public RADIO

    Played hooky and went to the beach yesterday (none / 0) (#2)
    by ruffian on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 09:23:54 AM EST
    Missed Massagegate...have to catch up in the other threads.

    Missed iPhone frenzy at the local malls too...but here are some of the statistics on sales I was hoping to find. 77% of sales are upgrades from other iPhones. Still thinking about what that means, other than boatloads of happy customers.

    Colonists v. the colony (none / 0) (#4)
    by magster on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 09:42:34 AM EST
    Brazil's independence story is kind of interesting, as the Portuguese royalty fled to Brazil when Napoleon was doing his thing, and when the King returned to Europe, left his son/prince behind to manage the colony. Instead, Prince decided to be king of Brazil and declared independence.

    Back to the match, the referee is handing out yellow cards like candy -- for arguing, for flopping, for hard fouls.  I wonder if both teams will be crippled in the next round.

    Brazil-Portugal (none / 0) (#5)
    by Vico on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 09:54:13 AM EST
    Both the flopping and the hard fouls have been pretty egregious in this match. Teams must hold grudges against each other.  Portugal seems especially dirty.

    Same-sex marriage not universal right (none / 0) (#9)
    by jbindc on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 11:31:51 AM EST
    Says the European Court of Human Rights

    BRUSSELS - European nations do not have to allow same-sex marriage, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled, though gay rights groups claimed a partial victory Friday because the court acknowledged growing agreement that their relationships should be recognized in law.

    Seven judges at the European court ruled unanimously that two Austrian men denied permission to wed were not covered by the guarantee of the right to marry enshrined in Europe's human rights convention.

    The judges acknowledged "an emerging European consensus" that same-sex couples should have legal recognition but said individual states may still decide what form it should take because marriage had "deep-rooted social and cultural connotations which may differ largely from one society to another."

    The European Union's 27 member states range from socially liberal countries like Sweden and the Netherlands to religious, conservative nations such as Poland.


    Despite Thursday's ruling, there was little to cheer opponents of gay marriage. The judges noted that the European rights charter was drawn up in 1950, when "marriage was clearly understood in the traditional sense of being a union between partners of different sex." They said that was lo longer automatically the case.

    "The Court would no longer consider that the right to marry ... must in all circumstances be limited to marriage between two persons of the opposite sex," the judges said.

    Legal experts said the European Court ruling would not have a significant impact.

    "It just means that questions of marriage are within the margin of discretion of particular states," said British human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson. "Each state is entitled to have its own marriage law. I don't think it will have many implications here or elsewhere."

    Sigh (none / 0) (#10)
    by jbindc on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 11:35:10 AM EST
    I have no explanation for this

    MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee County Board spent part of the day debating a measure that would call for the county to boycott doing business with companies in Arizona.

    Communities around the nation have passed similar measures in response to a law in Arizona that makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally.

    There was an odd moment during the debate when Supervisor Peggy West stood up and seemed to be confused about her geography.  "If this was Texas, which is a state that is directly on the border with Mexico, and they were calling for a measure like this saying that they had a major issue with undocumented people flooding their borders, I would have to look twice at this.  But this is a state that is a ways removed from the border," West said during debate.

    Her colleague, Joe Rice, quickly corrected her, "I just want to assure my colleague that Arizona does in fact share a border with the country of Mexico."

    She's considered a liberal Democrat.  

    It doesn't not help the argument when people "misspeak".

    Huh? (5.00 / 1) (#14)
    by squeaky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 11:49:54 AM EST
    She's considered a liberal Democrat

    Are you trying to make a general point about "liberal democrats"?

    Because if you are trying to generalize about an entire group by using one person who obviously needs to bone up on her geography, I could easily provide you with a host of conservative quotes, many from this blog, which show that ignorance is equally distributed amongst the various political persuasions.


    I will not be seduced by the soft (5.00 / 1) (#15)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 11:54:23 AM EST
    bigotry of low expectations :)

    Yeah (5.00 / 1) (#16)
    by squeaky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 12:02:05 PM EST
    Well this liberal democrat, moi, a NYer, knows where NJ is and CA is and that is about all. I did learn though, from jbindc's link that Texas and AZ share a border with Mexico.

    Hopefully I will be able to remember those facts, for more than a week... lol


    I believe you. (none / 0) (#57)
    by jimakaPPJ on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:47:38 PM EST
    No (none / 0) (#19)
    by jbindc on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 12:42:41 PM EST
    But you know that of course, and are trying to start an argument.

    Actually, she IS a liberal Democrat and the point was I hate when people who are supposed to be smarter give fodder to the Republicans, and of course, people who play at being ignorant.


    Ummm (none / 0) (#22)
    by squeaky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:11:38 PM EST
    You were the one giving fodder, no one else.... well, no one else, save for your wingnut sources..

    And to discredit, and make a laughing stock of someone because they were confused about geography, is a low blow. Something to be discredited in itself, but of course you could not help but jump on the conservative pile on.

    And of course, for good measure, I suppose, you decided to leave out her defense:

    While speaking at the meeting, West did go on to talk about National Guard troops on the border in Arizona.  West points to that as she tells us that she simply misspoke.

    Yeah, you could get a job at Faux.. between your comments and editing, a real candidate for funneling news from wingnuttia.

    And from Peggy West's bio:

    Peggy West was elected 12th District Supervisor in 2004 and, after being reelected in 2008, is serving her second term representing 50,000 residents on Milwaukee's south side.  She currently serves as 2nd Vice-Chair on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. Supervisor West also has the unique distinction of being the first Latino/Hispanic American to be elected to the Milwaukee County Board.

    And of course you left this part out:

    Milwaukee County would boycott doing business with firms in Arizona to protest that state's tough immigration law, under a measure endorsed Thursday by a County Board panel.

    The county would avoid new contracts with Arizona firms or the state of Arizona and possibly discontinue any current contracts with firms in that state, under a resolution unanimously approved by the board's finance committee. It also would bar county employees from travel to conferences in Arizona.

    The aim would be to punish the state for the immigration law Arizona enacted last month that makes it a crime for immigrants to fail to carry immigration documents and gives police broad power to detain a suspected illegal immigrant.

    Supervisors Peggy West and Elizabeth M.Coggs called the Arizona law racist.



    Yeah (none / 0) (#31)
    by jbindc on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:50:13 PM EST
    It's terrible when people make fun of mistakes by their own side - really stuff for Fox News.  Any poking fun really means they are closet Republicans, right?

    Riiigh (5.00 / 1) (#66)
    by squeaky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:21:38 PM EST
    Great analogy, Obama clearly misspoke during his campaign and people made fun of him, or cringed because he made a mistake.

    BTW-what was Obama's comeback?

    "I hope I said 100,000 people the first time instead of 100 million. I understand I said there were 57 states today. It's a sign that my numeracy is getting a little, uh."

    But you seek out some "liberal" hispanic supervisor of a US city to make fun of, as if you were channeling Rush Limbaugh.

    And in typical Faux news style, you left out her defense, unlike TL in the Obama misspeak thread, and you failed to point out that this was a debate meant to flesh out the pros and cons of a boycott. And of course you left off the main point that Ms West voted for the boycott and declared that the Arizona law was racist.

    Good work, one has to question who you are working for though.... Certainly not the liberals, imo


    ignorance is equally distributed (none / 0) (#21)
    by sarcastic unnamed one on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:06:22 PM EST
    ignorance is equally distributed amongst the various political persuasions
    Well said.

    Ignorance also has degrees (5.00 / 1) (#25)
    by jondee on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:32:33 PM EST
    of toxicity in it's effects.

    And I wouldn't put ignorance of the precise geography of the Southwest on the same level as the ongoing promotion of completely unregulated markets, Rapture in the Holy Land and the insistence on the protection of pedophiles in robes..

    Even if they're all forms of ignorance.


    Yep, the old (none / 0) (#35)
    by sarcastic unnamed one on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:04:39 PM EST
    "imo your failings are way more worser than my failings." Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion...

    Yep (none / 0) (#46)
    by jondee on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:19:05 PM EST
    the old "everyone's entitled to their own opinion"..:)

    Not to put too fine (none / 0) (#47)
    by jondee on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:27:58 PM EST
    a point on it, but isn't the entire premise of this site that, in a sense, "their failings are worse than our failings"?

    Which doesn't preclude the examination of one's own failings..


    Hmmmmm (none / 0) (#58)
    by jimakaPPJ on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:51:37 PM EST
    I think that if you are someone on the board of supervisors not knowing the location of the state you want to dis is bad...... And no, she did not misspeak.

    Well (none / 0) (#59)
    by squeaky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:57:28 PM EST
    Knew that you would support our conservative friend jbindc, and of course she did not misspeak during the debate about a boycott of Arizona, particularly when she spoke of National Guard troops on the Arizona-Mexico border. And of course when the vote came down, about boycotting Arizona, she did not misspeak either, she voted for the boycott and said that the Arizona law is racist.

    From the guy who (none / 0) (#61)
    by jondee on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:10:33 PM EST
    sounded like he was on the verge of stalking Palin some months back..

    Speaking of being blinded by love for the tragically misinformed..


    Well (none / 0) (#63)
    by squeaky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:13:56 PM EST
    Palin could see Russia from her window, was our major concern. The fact that her geography was weak, well less worrisome, imo.

    Too bad (5.00 / 2) (#65)
    by jbindc on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:21:04 PM EST
    That was Tina Fey that said that and not Sarah Palin.

    But I guess, according to your definition, our generous hostess also belongs on Fox News....


    "Window" as a Metaphor (5.00 / 1) (#69)
    by squeaky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:32:45 PM EST
    To the transparency of her idiotic statement:
    PALIN: First off, we're going to continue good relations with Saakashvili there. I was able to speak with him the other day and giving him my commitment, as John McCain's running mate, that we will be committed to Georgia. And we've got to keep an eye on Russia. For Russia to have exerted such pressure in terms of invading a smaller democratic country, unprovoked, is unacceptable and we have to keep...

    GIBSON: You believe unprovoked.

    PALIN: I do believe unprovoked and we have got to keep our eyes on Russia, under the leadership there.GIBSON: What insight into Russian actions, particularly in the last couple of weeks, does the proximity of the state give you?

    PALIN: They're our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.

    I guess for Palin "insight" is equivalent to "sight" so, even though she personally has never seen Russia from her state, the fact that someone somewhere can see some remote part of Russia from Alaska makes her particularly qualified to be Veep.



    Though, the fact that (5.00 / 1) (#76)
    by jondee on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:53:38 PM EST
    that hard Right bimbette was pimping overheated, paleo-Cold War rhetoric there in order to prove her "hock" credentials to the folks at home there, was really the more interesting and telling story.

    Basically saying: "I cant see the ever-threatening Al Queda from my window, but I can see the looming threat of the Rooskies from my side.."


    Palin probably wouldn't have known (none / 0) (#68)
    by jondee on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:29:19 PM EST
    Russia is near Alaska, to begin with. That would be an obscure reference for her.

    What does Palin (5.00 / 2) (#90)
    by jimakaPPJ on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 04:42:25 PM EST
    have to do with this?

    And the answwer is..... Nothing!

    And no, she never said anyone could see Russia from her porch. She said from an island of Alaska.

    Really...sometimes you make me speechless.


    Jello Goal Posts (none / 0) (#91)
    by squeaky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 04:59:06 PM EST
    I think that if you are someone [who is running for Vice President of the US] not knowing that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are private companies, is [not] bad...... And [yes], she did misspeak.

    Shall we go on... this could be a fun game..


    Technically (none / 0) (#92)
    by jbindc on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 05:09:01 PM EST
    Freddie and Fannie are GSE's and not completely "private companies".

    And since you're making fun of a statement Palin didn't say about her house and Russia

    And to discredit, and make a laughing stock of someone because they were confused about geography, is a low blow.

    You're right - this is fun.


    Well (none / 0) (#93)
    by squeaky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 05:19:13 PM EST
    If you read my comment, I said that the problem had nothing to do with Palin's knowledge of geography, but her non-sequitur answer as to why she would make a good veep.

    Not to mention that she claimed that the incursion in Georgia was unprovoked, which turns out to be a lie.

    And, surprise, surprise, you are back to defending ultra right wing Palin, while trashing and misrepresenting a "liberal democrat" who is a supervisor in a small US city.

    At least you are consistent, just like our ppj.


    The supervisor had every (none / 0) (#100)
    by jimakaPPJ on Sat Jun 26, 2010 at 09:06:33 AM EST
    chance to correct herself and she did not.

    What I like she is chairperson of the local Demo party....



    I believe the "like" (none / 0) (#103)
    by jondee on Sat Jun 26, 2010 at 02:43:49 PM EST

    After all, all liberal, secular education leads to is a departure from faith-based forms of knowledge and the undermining of traditional values..


    Unfortunately all the good intentions (none / 0) (#105)
    by jimakaPPJ on Sun Jun 27, 2010 at 07:20:07 PM EST
    in the world will not produce an educational system that works unless we teach such things as geography....



    If the issue is ill-equiped, (none / 0) (#94)
    by jondee on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 05:22:16 PM EST
    under-educated and over-matched individuals who have no business holding important public office, then it has EVERYTHING to do with Palin -- and any others who fit that profile.



    Yes, the current Whitehouse (none / 0) (#99)
    by jimakaPPJ on Sat Jun 26, 2010 at 09:04:19 AM EST
    occupant, highly educated but no experience is such a wonderful example of what our educational system is currently turning out.

    Excuse me now, gotta go. My golf game is calling.


    Some people paint with a huge brush (none / 0) (#102)
    by Militarytracy on Sat Jun 26, 2010 at 12:12:39 PM EST
    Jim, but not you.  You break out the spray gun and knee jerk your way to monochromatic bull$h*t.

    Just more proof (none / 0) (#64)
    by jondee on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:19:55 PM EST
    that she's a visionary; for the party that's foreseen the Rapture, the imposition of Sharia Law in the U.S and the world wide climate change hoax.

    OY! (none / 0) (#13)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 11:48:26 AM EST
    They are talking about the new ball (none / 0) (#23)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:27:10 PM EST
    on CNN right now.  The WC players are saying the new ball is messing up their game.  CNN looks like they have some sort of "testing" thing set up and will air it soon.

    Uh Oh, the testing isn't (none / 0) (#26)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:33:25 PM EST
    completely scientific, but it does look like due to the panels and dimples on the ball, that the way it makes its way through the air....it can change its trajectory.  Something about the way it can switch from smooth to turbulent air flow around the ball.  So understand this, if the U.S. wins the World Cup.....we were only lucky :)

    If this really pans out about the ball (none / 0) (#27)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:35:08 PM EST
    This is messed up.  The English did do the prelim testing :)  This could explain their goalie failure I heard :)

    ummm (none / 0) (#28)
    by CST on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:37:24 PM EST
    lets face it, it would take a looooooot of luck for the U.S. to win the World Cup - ball or no.

    But I've also noticed that there are some teams who don't seem to be having any problems.  Why do I think an official "probe" might come from the Europeans?


    ESP? ;-D (none / 0) (#29)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:40:36 PM EST
    that would be the icing (none / 0) (#34)
    by CST on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:57:17 PM EST
    on the euro-bomb cake.  But they are up 1-0...

    Go Chile!!!


    Grrrrrr (none / 0) (#40)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:09:41 PM EST
    I'm watching that game too

    The problem is (none / 0) (#30)
    by jondee on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:44:02 PM EST
    too many Americans would probably take it as another "sign" that the Good Lord's still smiling down on us more than on other countries.

    Miracles aren't always for the better.



    Christians hate soccer (none / 0) (#42)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:11:59 PM EST
    It is Unamerican.  There are probably five television sets in my county watching this if you are not counting the military post.  Soccer is still safe from them for now

    Chile goalie just screwed up big (none / 0) (#32)
    by magster on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:54:38 PM EST

    If you are going to do that (none / 0) (#33)
    by Big Tent Democrat on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 01:56:23 PM EST
    you have to kick it into the stands.

    Great shot by Villa though.


    2-0 (none / 0) (#38)
    by Big Tent Democrat on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:07:39 PM EST
    And a man sent off for Chile.

    Now Chile is in serious danger of not getting through.


    And a bad card (none / 0) (#39)
    by Big Tent Democrat on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:08:21 PM EST
    More arguments for a replay challenge system.

    Replay to punish flopping (none / 0) (#44)
    by magster on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:15:40 PM EST
    needs to be done.

    Don't even have to stop the game (none / 0) (#49)
    by Big Tent Democrat on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:29:06 PM EST
    Review at halftime.

    If a Spaniard gets red-carded early 2nd half (none / 0) (#50)
    by magster on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:31:12 PM EST
    maybe it's being done unofficially.

    Colony v. Colonists part II (none / 0) (#36)
    by magster on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:05:34 PM EST
    via Wiki:

    The usurpation of the Spanish throne by Napoleon's brother Joseph in 1808 precipitated the drive by the colony for independence from Spain. A national junta in the name of Ferdinand - heir to the deposed king - was formed on September 18, 1810. The Government Junta of Chile proclaimed Chile an autonomous republic within the Spanish monarchy. A movement for total independence soon won a wide following. Spanish attempts to re-impose arbitrary rule during what was called the Reconquista led to a prolonged struggle.

    Intermittent warfare continued until 1817, when an army with Bernardo O'Higgins, Chile's most renowned patriot, and led by José de San Martín, hero of the Argentine War of Independence, crossed the Andes into Chile and defeated the royalists. On February 12, 1818, Chile was proclaimed an independent republic under O'Higgins' leadership. The political revolt brought little social change, however, and 19th century Chilean society preserved the essence of the stratified colonial social structure, which was greatly influenced by family politics and the Roman Catholic Church. A strong presidency eventually emerged, but wealthy landowners remained powerful.[8]

    The history of colonial struggle, however, sheds little insight on the Chilean goalie's boneheaded play.

    Police tazer 86 yr old granny (none / 0) (#41)
    by MKS on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:11:26 PM EST
    in her sickbed.  The police said she took an aggressive posture towards them.  The reason the police were there?   Because the grandson was concerned about her health and wanted some medical assistance....

    Here is the story.

    It is raining hard here and I just (none / 0) (#51)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:33:56 PM EST
    lost my SAT signal.  Anybody have a quick online link up to streaming Chile WC game?

    Damn it I missed the goal (none / 0) (#53)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:37:24 PM EST
    the only one i have found (none / 0) (#54)
    by CST on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:38:15 PM EST
    that works is www.footyfire.com

    it's not great, it crashes under too much traffic, but that shouldn't be a problem today.

    espn has it on espn3.com but only if you have the right service provider.


    Thank you (none / 0) (#55)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:39:13 PM EST
    It came back up but I could easily lose it again.

    Wow (none / 0) (#52)
    by magster on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:35:52 PM EST
    Play not to lose and you might lose. 2-1.

    I love that about soccer :) (none / 0) (#56)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 02:40:29 PM EST
    Missed the goal though

    oooo oooo (none / 0) (#60)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:08:52 PM EST
    The ESPN announcer just said, "South American domination of the World Cup".  Hate mail dude....hate mail :)

    Does a team ever do empty net like in hockey? (none / 0) (#62)
    by magster on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:11:29 PM EST
    Haven't seen it yet in the tournament.

    They can but I personally have never seen (none / 0) (#67)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:27:19 PM EST
    it in professional play yet.

    Seems like it would be harder (none / 0) (#72)
    by jbindc on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:40:27 PM EST
    The soccer net is a much bigger area than a hockey net, although a puck is a much smaller object to see when it's coming at you at around 100 mph.

    Never (none / 0) (#98)
    by coast on Sat Jun 26, 2010 at 07:39:27 AM EST
    Goals and fields are too large for it to make a difference.  In addition, you are only allowed three substitutions, which play has to stop for the player to come on.  Its very different from hockey.  Only answer is to push as many of your defenders past midfield.  Midfield is key here because a player from the other team is not offsides if they on the midfiled line, even if there is not a defender between the opposing player and the keeper.  If a coach were to ever do such a thing, they would be sacked before the game was over.

    Oh NO Baby! (none / 0) (#77)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:54:00 PM EST
    I just saw the new ESPN commercial about the number 10 :)  Landon was shown twice because he had of course two amazing goals, Forlan shown only once....not very amazing either :)  How many American Landons will be born in the next four years?  It's a fresh untouched name in America.  It's so fertile.

    wow, a friend of mine has a 5 yr old son (5.00 / 1) (#84)
    by ruffian on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 04:06:06 PM EST
    named Landon. I don't know how long the soccer player has been around or if that is how they came up with the name, but I bet he is loving it now!

    he was certainly around (5.00 / 1) (#86)
    by CST on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 04:18:17 PM EST
    back then.

    He is 28 now and was a big deal in the world cup 8 years ago when they made it to the quarterfinals (he was a big deal before that too, but that was his first world cup).

    If they are soccer fans, I could certainly believe it.


    Naomi's dad tried to name her Kobe (none / 0) (#80)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 03:57:34 PM EST
    My daughter was furious with me because he called and asked me if I thought it was okay, if it would upset me, and I said it was a cute name for a little girl.  My daughter screamed at me, "He's trying to name her after a basketball player!"  So?

    Or a type of beef. (5.00 / 1) (#82)
    by jbindc on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 04:04:39 PM EST
    Or, a city in Japan. (none / 0) (#101)
    by oculus on Sat Jun 26, 2010 at 11:45:37 AM EST
    Or, see Urban Dictionary for a truly revolting definition.

    Al and the masseuse (none / 0) (#85)
    by Capt Howdy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 04:16:58 PM EST
    Liberal General? (none / 0) (#87)
    by squeaky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 04:21:16 PM EST
    Well I guess it is possible, sure doesn't fit the stereotype:

    Even more about McChrystal: now it can be told. The story about him voting for Obama is not contrived. He is a political liberal. He is a social liberal. He banned Fox News from the television sets in his headquarters. Yes, really. This puts to rest another false rumor: that McChrystal deliberately precipitated his firing because he wants to run for President.


    hovercats (none / 0) (#89)
    by Capt Howdy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 04:34:21 PM EST
    I just hung up from Joshua (5.00 / 1) (#96)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 07:06:42 PM EST
    He'll be home tomorrow night.  He is playing Red Faction though I guess getting brushed up for the new one, and he wanted me to know that he had just killed a whole private security firm for me and also several corporate CEOs.  What sort of games are you putting out there Captain?

    Then I was talking to my husband saying good bye and he said that Joshua was now destroying monuments.  I said that wasn't cool and my husband told him that his mom didn't think it was cool.  I heard Josh holler back to me that they were corporate monuments.  So I said that I guessed that was okay but my husband lied.  He tells Joshua that I insist that he stop because corporations are people too :)


    The kitty that is nicer to your sofa (none / 0) (#95)
    by Militarytracy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 06:55:54 PM EST
    and curtains :)  How's their catbox aim?