Holder: Zazi Another Example of Successes of Civilian Terror Trials

Attorney General Eric Holder at a press conference after Nabijullah Zazi's guilty plea today praised the civilian courts as venues for terror trials.

In this case, as it has been in so many other ones, the criminal justice system has proved to be an invaluable weapon for disrupting plots and incapacitating terrorists, one that works in concert with our intelligence community and in concert with our military. We will continue to use it to protect the American people from terrorism.

Now, as I've stated on other occasions, the criminal justice system also contains powerful incentives to induce pleas that yield long sentences, and that gain intelligence that can be used in the fight, in the war against al Qaeda. We will use all available tools whenever possible against suspected terrorists.

Holder also decried the political motives of those in opposition: [More...]

To take this tool out of our hands to denigrate the use of this tool flies in the face of the facts, in the face of the history of the use of that tool and is more about politics than it is about facts,” he said.

Hopefully, this will fortify Holder and Obama to stand by their decision to try the 9/11 defendants in federal court. Holder today said no final decision has been made.

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    Between Rahm, Repubs, and the MCM*, Holder is (none / 0) (#1)
    by jawbone on Tue Feb 23, 2010 at 12:21:29 PM EST
    really getting kicked around. Has Obama said anything to show support for the stands of his Atty Gen'l?

    On WNYC's Leonard Lopate Show this afternoon, the host asked guest Jane Mayer a rather leading questions, saying that Holder didn't sound very forceful in talking about the success of the Zazi prosecution and cooperation.  Jane Mayer replied that Holder is rather quiet spoken and is very much a lawyer, wants to be a very good lawyer, and is not a politician.

    She also noted he was born, raised, and educated in NYC and had friends lost in the World Trade Center, many were police.  He wanted very much to have KSM brought to justice in his city and place where the greatest injury was done.

    Her main point, which she makes in an article out now titled The Trial, is that the military commissions have not had much success in bringing terrorists to justice and the US justice system has completed trials and sentencing for many more terrorists. BushCo really messed things up with their attempts to go outside the existing systems.

    The MCM could have scotched the silly part of the attacks on Holder, Obama, et al, by simply putting the charges in context, simply providing the numbers of successful trials within the system. But it almost seems the regular MCM* needs "controversy" as much as the cable shout shows and radio rightwing crazies.

    Or the MCM is starting to turn on Obama??

    *MCM--Mainstream Corporate Media