R.I.P. Elaine

Restaurateur Elaine Kaufman, owner of the famous Elaine's on the Upper East side, passed away today at age 81. Here are some
photos of her
with a number of her famous clientele.

Until she was hospitalized last month, Kaufman worked every day of the week, greeting patrons at the door and leaving at closing time in the wee hours of the morning. "I live at the restaurant, I entertain at the restaurant," Kaufman told The Post in a 2009 interview.

I always liked eating and drinking at Elaine's. She was a great hostess and very nice to me. I haven't been there in almost a decade, but I remember her vividly. R.I.P. Elaine, and thank you.

Elaine's will remain open with the staff "fully intact."

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