Yemen Military Launches Attack on Al Qaeda

CNN reports 1,000 Yemen military and security forces have launched an attack in the Shabwa province of Yemen, believed to be home to al Qaeda members, including Muslim Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, but they say he is not the only target.

Last week, there were other raids. They didn't kill any al Qaeda members, just a 65 year old man and two women. From the Yemen Observer:

Yemeni warplanes launched strikes in the Modia district of Abyan province on Tuesday, targeting locations believed to be home to al-Qaeda commander Abdul Munem al-Fahtani, according to the defense ministry website.

“The raids at Thaooba area, Modia district, killed a 65-year-old man and two women. No al-Qaeda members were killed,” a security official told Yemen Observer on a condition of anonymity.


The Yemen Minister of Information Ahmad Allawzi said in an interview published this weekend that al Qaeda is dying due to the strikes, and he praised the cooperation the military is receiving from the U.S.
[T]he cooperation is strong. It is strategic cooperation depends directly on the support for training, qualifying and arming forces, in addition to providing expertise and information. We think improving this side is needed ultimately for more expansion in the process of preparing anti-forces. We think this work has realized success in the past. Hence, we affirm that the work experience in field of cooperation and coordination with the United States is positive and improved.
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