Obama Gets It Right, Where Condi Got It Wrong With Iran

Way back in May 2005, less than a month before Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected President of Iran, the barking idiot Condoleeza Rice was prancing around the Middle East and threatening Iran with the sort of "major changes" which the United States had already inflicted on Afghanistan and Iraq.

"The Iranians should not consider themselves immune from the major changes that are going on in the region, and we would hope that they would begin to engage in more stabilizing behavior," said Rice, speaking after a meeting with Kuwaiti's foreign minister, Sheikh Mohammed al-Sabah.

Iranians voters, who were about to choose between the violently anti-American Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the much more conciliatory Mohammad Khatami, and the centrist Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, immediately understood that Condoleeza Rice was sending them a message!

"Elect that hard-liner Ahmadinejad and the biggest bully on the block will open a can of whip-ass on your sorry Islamic butts!"

Ahmadinejad immediately surged out of nowhere in the polls, and won the run-off election against Rafsanjani, because...

Contrary to what goddamned cowards and bullies like Dick Cheney, George Bush, and Condoleeza Rice believe, the world is full of people whom you cannot intimidate!

Maybe you can kill them, maybe you bomb their cities to smithereens and inflict a genocidal occupation on the ruins, but they will not get down on all fours and obey your stinking orders!

This is incomprehensible to the Bushes and Cheneys of the world, but a brilliant manipulator of public opinion like Barack Obama understands it without even thinking, and so...

When Obama set off on a junket around the Middle East a little less than a month before the subsequent Presidential election in Iran, he made much more conciliatory noises at the Iranians, and and in my opinion he knocked the main prop out from under Ahmadinejad and his crew of half-witted relatives and mullahs who have totally wrecked almost every segment the Iranian economy for the last four years.

Why bother to re-elect that gang of fanatical boobs when you don't have to make a statement  to the bullies and infidels in faraway Washington?

I don't know how the post-election turmoil in Iran will eventually be resolved, but even if Ahmadinejad survives, his authority has been seriously undermined, and that is already a brilliant success for Barack Obama and his foreign-policy advisors.

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