New Orleans Blogger Honored at Peabody Awards

At the Peabody Awards yesterday, New Orleans TV reporter Lee Zurik took home a Peabody for his investigation into a city-run program called NOAH (New Orleans Affordable Home Ownership.)

NOAH was supposed to fix and remediate Katrina wracked homes but Zurik's investigation--which was kick-started by reporting from a New Orleans blogger named Karen Gadbois--found that NOAH charged the city for work they did not do and for addresses that did not exist. [More...]

Lee graciously brought Karen up to the dais when he accepted his Peabody. You can watch the speech here.

This is a good time to note what should already be obvious, but apparently is not: bloggers do not have a parasitical relationship with "real" journalists. They do original reporting. Many bloggers--like Karen--regularly attend hearings at City Hall and work on long-term investigative projects. In short, bloggers do the sort of reporting that journalists used to do but often fail to do now.

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