Tired of Tea Parties? Help Jobless Ohioans Without Leaving Your Computer!

It's been a few months since I brought you the story of Energize Clinton County, a grassroots organization in Wilmington, Ohio, dedicated to rebuilding the economically devastated town by turning it into a federally-sponsored Green Enterprise Zone.  The group's founders, recent college graduates Mark Rembert and Taylor Stuckert, deferred their Peace Corps service indefinitely to focus on giving back to the hometown.

Here's Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown talking about how impressed he is with Mark and Taylor:

Last week I held a conference call in my office with two very impressive young men who are a testament to what the Serve America Act is all about. Their names are Mark Rembert and Taylor Stuckert. ... In the midst of an economic disaster in their community, these two young men, Mark and Taylor, decided to serve. They are examples of what inspired this bill and what service to our country is all about.

Now, there's something new you can do to help Energize Clinton County in a big way.

Energize Clinton County has qualified as one of ten finalists for Mountain Dew's Power in Numbers grant, a $10,000 community development grant given to five deserving organizations per year.  As you can see, five of the ten finalists will receive the grant.  How does Mountain Dew decide which groups to fund?  They conduct an online vote and give the money to the top five vote-getters.

That's where you come in.  Anyone can vote in the online poll once per day until April 29th.  Mark and Taylor explain what to do:

(1) Visit http://energizeyourcommunity.com
(2) Bookmark it and set it as your home page (it's only for 2 weeks)

(3) Click (1) "Project Gallery," (2) "Vote For Finalists"

(4) Vote for ENERGIZE CLINTON COUNTY (the first time you'll have to register an account to vote, but you only have to do it once)

(5) Repeat STEP (3) once a day through April 29th

(6) Recruit at least 10 friends to follow these steps


Please Note

This part of the process requires registering an account with the grant sponsor, Mountain Dew. If you would like to avoid receiving unwanted e-mails from Mt. Dew, please make sure you UNCHECK  all the boxes during the registration to ensure that you are not added to any mailing lists.

We greatly appreciate your support!!

Now -- for the pitch.  Seriously, folks.  I completely understand if you can't spare any money or time to help out Mark and Taylor and their community.  We're all busy and poor, particularly given the state of the economy.  But if there's one thing all of us in the blogosphere are good at, it's voting with our keyboards.  And we need to vote the heck out of this poll, because the good people of Clinton County need Mark and Taylor, and Mark and Taylor need this $10,000 to build their fledgling organization.

Consider it your good deed for the month.  Vote early.  Vote often.  And tell your friends.  Let's use the power of the blogosphere to get Energize Clinton County the money it needs to become a force capable of creating jobs for the people of Wilmington.  You think we can't do it?  Yes we can!

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