Raves for New Book on Columbine

Denver journalist and author Dave Cullen has scored a coup with his new book on Columbine. It's getting raves all over. From Newsweek today:

The definitive account, however, will likely be Dave Cullen's "Columbine," a nonfiction book that has the pacing of an action movie and the complexity of a Shakespearean drama. "Columbine" opens four days before the shooting, at a school assembly where the principal, Frank DeAngelis, admonishes his students—ominously, it turns out—to be safe during prom weekend. Cullen has a gift, if that's the right word, for excruciating detail. At times the language is so vivid you can almost smell the gunpowder and the fear.


The Chicago Tribune also has a thumbs-up review.

Dave will be at The Tattered Cover in Lodo on April 7, 2009. If you'll be in Denver that day, I encourage you to go. He's a good friend of mine and TalkLeft's and he poured his heart and soul into this book for years, putting the rest of his life on hold. I'm so glad the book is getting the attention it deserves.

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    Dave seems like a great guy (5.00 / 1) (#1)
    by ericinatl on Sun Mar 29, 2009 at 10:30:50 AM EST
    He had that incredible Brokeback Mountain site going for a long time to celebrate the story and the movie.  

    A dissenting viewpoint (1.00 / 1) (#2)
    by starviego on Sun Mar 29, 2009 at 12:56:29 PM EST
    You don't need to take Dave Cullen's word for what happened at Columbine.  Just read what the eyewitnesses had to say:


    Thanks (none / 0) (#3)
    by davecullen on Sun Mar 29, 2009 at 11:14:01 PM EST
    Thanks, Jeralyn and ericinatl.

    I am a great guy. Hahaha. I hope.

    And the Brokeback forum is still going, believe it or not. It's slower now.

    FYI, the Tattered Cover reading is at 7:30 pm.

    I'll also be in NY, LA, SF, DC, Miami, Seattle and other CO locations (Boulder, CO Springs and suburbs).

    I made a Facebook listing of all of them here.