Sentencing Day for Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius' returns to court today at 9:30 am SA time (1:30 am MT. Judge Thokozile Masipa will read her sentencing decision. It is anticipated this will take one hour. She has a variety of options. Prison is not mandatory. The prosecutor asked for 10 years, while Oscar's lawyer asked for an alternative sentence of house arrest.

Oscar is not being sentenced for murder. He was acquitted on the murder charge and found guilty of culpable homicide, which is similar to criminally negligent homicide in the U.S. Culpable homicide is the act of causing death through negligence, without criminal intent. [More...]

He is also being sentenced for one count of negligent handling of a firearm (involving his holding a firearm that went off in a restaurant.) He was acquitted of two other firearm-related charges, one involving shooting a firearm through the sunroof of his vehicle and one pertaining to unlawful possession of ammunition.

According to journalists covering the trial, both sides can appeal the sentence. If Oscar appeals, he has to re-apply for bail. He's been on bail in this case for 18 months, since February, 2013.

Update: The judge is almost done. It's not looking good for Oscar.

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