Grassley seeks to censor Webb Bill Crime Commission

The Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled markup Thursday for the Senator Webb's Crime Bill, S.1714 creating an expert panel to spend up to 2 years suggesting measures to overhaul our criminal Justice system.

Iowa Republican Charles Grassley's Amendment would bar the commission from "considering" "legalization" of presently controlled substances.

Found at LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibion's) copsaylegalize blog

Here's LEAP's automated email to your Senator widget

Official summary of S 714. (*Grassley amendment's not up yet.)

National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2009 - Establishes the National Criminal Justice Commission to undertake a comprehensive review of the criminal justice system.

Directs the Commission to: (1) review all areas of federal and state criminal justice costs, practices, and policies; (2) make specified findings relating to incarceration, prison administration, the impact of gang activity, drug policy, mental illness among prisoners and the role of the military in crime prevention; (3) make recommendations for changes in policies and laws to address findings; (4) consult with government and nongovernmental leaders, including state and local law enforcement officials; and (5) submit a final report to Congress and the President and make such report public.

International Drug Policy Reform Conference

November 12-14, Albuquerque.

Anyone else going?

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