David Headley: Double Agent?

I've been writing about the curious case of David Headley, former heroin smuggler who got a sweetheart deal from the DEA and DOJ in exchange for cooperation that included travel to Pakistan.

Today, the Times of India picks up on the DEA connection, and asks, Is Headley an American agent who turned rogue?

To make the tale even more dramatic, Headley may just have provided American intelligence agencies information that prevented a Lashkar attack on Mumbai in September. The theory -- and it's still a theory -- is that Headley was used to infiltrate the Lashkar, but gradually went astray under the influence of the very terrorists he was supposed to be spying upon.

Torn between conflicting loyalties, he may have continued to give information to his American handlers, and a tip-off by him may even have helped avert a Laskar attack orginally planned for September. But he seems to have commited fully to Lashkar shortly after that, which could be one reason why American agencies were caught napping by 26/11.

Also, the Telegraph reports it was British Intelligence that tipped the FBI to both Headley and Najibullah Zazi.

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    by Militarytracy on Thu Nov 26, 2009 at 06:36:24 PM EST
    what the DEA in Afghanistan has to say about all this.  And I'm likely never going to know.

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