Jail Shrink Worried About Bernie Kerik

A cryptic hearing was held in federal court today in Bernie Kerik's case.

Specifics about the disgraced former top cop's behavior were not revealed, but a memo to Federal Judge Stephen Robinson from the medical and psychiatry director of the Westchester County jail detailed concern "that was not ordinary," according to the judge.

Judge Robinson said Dr. Mahler told him there "were symptoms he (Kerik) displayed, that when combined with his circumstances that they thought placed him at risk." "There were things unexplained described to me that were either said or done that raised a level of concern for them," said Robinson.

Another hearing will be held Monday. The Judge is asking whether Bernie will waive his confidentiality rights with respect to his medical records. He also suggested there might be another delay in the trial, now scheduled to start Nov. 9. As one reason, he suggested there may be a new issue regarding a conflict of interest regarding his current lawyers. Why would this be coming up at this late date? [More...]

The Courts have already disqualified Bernie's first two lawyers. Bernie is anxious to get on with the trial, as was evident by his demeanor in court today.

Kerik arrived in court today without a tie, wearing a wrinkled pinstripe suit. He repeatedly shook his head in disgust when the judge raised the possibility of pushing back the Nov. 9 trial date.

"I understand," Kerik said when the judge reassured him that he was simply trying to keep the trial fair.

So what might cause a conflict at this late date? Is it necessary for one of his current lawyers to be a witness? In any event, if the Judge orders a psychiatric exam to ensure that Bernie is competent to stand trial, the trial is likely going to be delayed yet again.

As for whether Bernie is just in isolation or on a suicide watch, neither the court nor his lawyers are saying.

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    That's whole lotta questions. (none / 0) (#1)
    by Fabian on Sat Oct 31, 2009 at 07:15:04 AM EST
    And precious little information.

    No point in speculating, so I'll just sit back and let the bureaucracy do its work.