Palin Attacks Obama, Gets Kissinger's Position Wrong

Update: The New York Times reviews Palin's performance and the Kissinger portion described below. Verdict: Her worst so far, and she may not be able to regroup.

I just finished watching the live version of Katie Couric's CBS interview with Sarah Palin. In addition to the sections I wrote up here, there's more.

Katie brought up Palin's meeting with Henry Kissinger this week, mentioning he is for direct diplomacy with Iran and Syria. She asked Palin whether the U.S. should meet with leaders of Iran and Syria.

Palin said you can't meet with leaders like Ahmadinejad without preconditions. She mocked Obama and called his plan to meet with leaders of Iran without preconditions "so off base," "beyond naive" and "beyond bad judgment." She gave Katie a little lecture on what diplomacy means.


Katie asked her if Kissinger was naive for supporting meetings with these leaders without preconditions.

Palin responded that she never heard Kissinger say he would meet with these leaders without preconditions. After the interview ended, Katie came on with an update and said CBS checked with Kissinger and he confirmed he supports meeting with high ranking Iranian officials without preconditions.

Back to school, Gov. Palin. Speed learning may not be your forte. So much data to take in, so little time.

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