Memo to Obama: Supporting Down Ticket Dems is Important

Like many of their fellow congressional types, Kirsten Gillibrand and Joe Sestak are running for re-election. There are several Senate races out there too...some where Senate Dems might be able to pick up in-trouble GOP seats:
With 23 GOP seats up for grabs this year -- versus only a dozen Democratic seats -- Senate Democrats see a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pad their majority with as many as four to seven new seats.

This could be a great chance to get that solid majority in the Senate we've been discussing...that senators have claimed they need to "get stuff done."

So...when Reid and Schumer went to Obama requesting that he share some of the funds he's been raising to help down ticket Dems, the response was...a resounding "No."

And while "the Obama campaign so far has agreed only to let Senate Democrats use Obama's name -- as well as those of his wife and running mate -- in mail and online fundraising pitches," the requested funds aren't available. Nor for that matter are there going to be opportunities for fundraising events with the candidate:

[t]he campaign has planned no joint fundraising events with House or Senate Democrats, and insiders say none is likely to be held before Election Day.

Even though I've pulled out of the Democratic Party, I continue to hold some basic Liberal principles...and I know that it's important to elect and re-elect down ticket Dems.

I will be sending Kirsten and Joe checks later this week. They won't be huge, but they will be something.

What are you doing?

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    Bailouts for companies (none / 0) (#1)
    by Bailman on Sat Nov 08, 2008 at 09:21:42 AM EST
    If we are to bail out companies with billions of dollars. The criteria should be
    1 It will gain interest
    2 Any officer or employee cannot earn more than 250,000 dollars until loan repaid otherwise NO LOAN.
    3 Loans secure by assetts of company
    4 minimum layoffs