Sensible justice - why this election matters.

We hear - and say - everyday that who becomes a judge is important, and a good reason to choose one candidate over the other.

Last week, St. John McSame promised to appoint more judges in the mould of Scalia, Alito and Thomas to the federal courts, decrying the influence of "liberal" judges.  Given that the vast majority of federal judges are Republicans and were appointed in 20 of the 28 years Republicans ruled, I suppose that means the judiciary hasn't given the Republicans all they want quickly enough.

Let's look at something which exemplifies GOP heaven, when it comes to the judiciary.

An Ohio man, Brian Gegner of Fairfield, Butler County (outside Cincinnati), has been sentenced to six months in the county jail, because his 18 year-old daughter has failed her GED examination.  It appears the daughter was brought into the justice system because of her repeated truancy.  She's a single mom, too.  It appears the judge hearing the daughter's juvenile case, the Hon. David Niehaus, ordered that she get herself a GED and conditioned the father's freedom on her passing the exam.  She failed the math test.  

Here's a video link - you have to sit through an ad.

It seems the daughter did pay attention in civics class, though, seeing as how she understands that the person who's supposed to go to jail (assuming jail is appropriate) is supposed to be the person whose personal defalcation broke the law.  Not their father.

Judge Niehaus, a lawyer since 1971 and a judge since the mid-80s, has not commented publicly.  

And, yes, he's a Republican. He's from the same county organization as House Minority Leader "Teary" John Boehner, as a matter of fact.

So, there you have an example of the finest form of Republican justice at work.  

Any questions on why this election matters?

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