Huge Mob Bust in New York and Italy

The feds have been busy in New York -- as have their counterparts in Italy. In New York, 50 alleged mobsters were arrested today and charged in an 80 count Indictment.

From the news description, it sounds like the case is heavily built on snitch testimony.

Charles Carneglia was charged with five murders, including court officer Albert Gelb in 1976, gangster Louis DiBono in 1990, armored car guard Jose Delgado Rivera in 1990 and Gambino associate Salvatore Puma in 1983. Nick Corozzo was charged with murdering Robert Arena and Thomas Maranga, two drug dealers in Brooklyn, in 1996.

Those murders are so old, the most likely way new evidence was developed was by getting it from someone who claims to have been there or have first-hand knowledge they decided to pass on to the feds. Will they have some forensics to back up the charges, or rely totally on the turncoats?

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    They're looking to wipe out the Gambino (none / 0) (#1)
    by scribe on Thu Feb 07, 2008 at 12:10:25 PM EST
    family.  Or so the feds say.  

    The FBI struck a decapitating blow today to the Gambino crime family, taking out its leaders and the last vestiges of late boss John Gotti, the Daily News has learned.

    Up to 60 mobsters are expected to be charged on racketeering, murder and extortion charges, including acting boss John (Jackie Nose) D'Amico who was Dapper Don's longtime sidekick, underboss Dominic Cefalu and consigliere Joseph (JoJo) Corozzo, sources said.

    In an exclusive interview with the Daily News in 2005, D'Amico denied running the Gambino family. "I'm the boss of my house and my bathroom," he said.

    Gotti's brother Vincent and his nephew Richard, will be charged today with the 2003 attempted murder of Howard Beach bagel shop owner Angelo Mugnolo.

    Interestingly, the crooked NBA referee who was exposed last year was turned up by a collateral part of this investigation.  

    Three comments on this:

    1.  Without John Gotti to kick around, the feds are devoting their attention to anyone he ever had any contact with.  </minor sarcasm>
    2.  They don't seem to be doing very much against the Russian mob.  
    3.  I think the NY Daily News has far better information on the mob, and on the FBI/feds going after the mob, than does the Post.