Rod Blagojevich and Penny Pritzker

When Penny Pritzker withdrew her name from consideration for Secretary of Commerce, a typical corporate news report in the New York Times was neutral, to say the least.

"Penny Pritzker, a Chicago hotel magnate whose business transactions could have provoked scrutiny, last week said she did not want to be Commerce Secretary."

One of Penny Pritzker's transactions that "could have provoked scrutiny" was paying herself and her co-conspirators $200 million in dividends on phony profits while they diddled away all the depositors' money deposited in Superior Bank.

This enormous scam never provoked much scrutiny while Penny Pritzker was bankrolling Barack Obama's Senate campaign, and it never provoked much scrutiny while she was the financial chair-person of Barack Obama's Presidential campaign, but nominations for Mr. Obama's Cabinet must be especially provocative, because apparently nothing else was ever going to provoke much scrutiny of Penny Pritzker except being nominated as Secretary of Commerce.

The only significant "accomplishments" in Penny Pritzker's hugely over-privileged life are bankrolling Obama and cheating hundreds of elderly retirees out of the part of their life-savings that wasn't covered by the FDIC, so...

Which one of these "accomplishments" qualified Penny Pritzker to be Secretary of Commerce?

Was it cheating depositors, or bankrolling Obama?

Otherwise there's not much in Penny Pritzker's résumé except appointments to run parts of the family empire that she controls along with five or six uncles and cousins.

So Obama's operatives leaked Pritzker's name as a potential Secretary of Commerce, and the New York Times distinguished itself from ordinary corporate news machines by actually including a paragraph about Superior Bank way down below the jump in a story about Penny Pritzker refusing the nomination for Secretary of Commerce, but even the Times only mentioned this ugly story after a few bloggers had taken the trouble to google "Penny Pritzker" and blogged about her gigantic scam.

Consequently Barack Obama couldn't actualize his plan to pay off Penny Pritzker for all her long years of fundraising and personal donations...

Or maybe you think it really was bankrupting Superior Bank that put Penny Pritzker's name on the short list of candidates for Secretary of Commerce.

Meanwhile Rod Blagojevich tried to get some consideration for appointing one candidate or another to the US Senate, and judging from the strategic leaks coming out of Patrick Fitzgerald's office, they don't really have Blagojevich soliciting bribes on the wiretaps, and he certainly never asked for anything approaching the $200 million that Penny Pritzker paid herself and her co-conspirators in dividends on phony profits at Superior Bank.

But for some strange reason, Rod Blagojevich is big news, and Penny Pritzker isn't.

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