Obama's Silence is a Smoking Gun

The US financial system melted down in September, and Congress donated $700 billion to the banks in a useless bail-out.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama was very, very quiet.

"Me too," he whispered, to whatever the Congressional banking lobby dreamed up, and considering that he was the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, and already a world-historical figure in his own mind, it's hard to understand all that silence about the greatest financial disaster since the Great Depression.

Why was Barack Obama so quiet about the meltdown?

The answer is Penny Pritzker, Obama's crooked muse, and sometimes she inspires him with psychologically invasive but meaningless slogans (by hiring the finest handlers and speechwriters that $2.8 billion can buy) and sometimes she inspires him with silence.

Way back in 2002, Barack Obama was a nobody, a mediocre state senator who had been crushed in a Democratic primary for the House of Representatives, crushed 2-to-1 by Bobby Rush, and if you get crushed by Bobby Rush in 2000, how do you suddenly develop enough momentum to get yourself elected to the US Senate in 2004?

The answer was Penny Pritzker and her humongous fortune, hundreds of millions of dollars of it extracted from deposits in Superior Bank, where elderly depositors discovered that their life-savings had disappeared into worthless sub-prime repackages, while Penny Pritzker had been paying herself and her co-conspirators hundreds of millions of dollars in dividends on phony profits.

Penny Pritzker and her co-conspirators walked away from Superior Bank with a net profit of $343 million, while the FDIC paid out $500 million in bank insurance to depositors up to the limit of $100 thousand per account, and anything beyond that was just gone.

How did Penny Pritzker get away with this monstrous scam?

Nobody knows, and nobody wants to know.

The FBI didn't investigate, the newspapers ran a few little articles on page 843, and Penny Pritzker adopted a nobody state senator from the South Side of Chicago, wrote him a blank check, hired an all-star team of handlers and speech-writers, and now bankers and real-estate speculators like Penny Pritzker have a reliable little friend at the top of the food chain.

"I'll turn you into a Senator, you nobody, and keep pouring on the millions until you get all the way to the White House, but in return..."

"You keep your big mouth shut about the biggest payoff in the history of the world."

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