Colorado Chief Federal Judge Expected to Resign

Breaking news: U.S. Chief District Court Judge Edward Nottingham is expected to resign, reportedly due to new allegations of misconduct involving a sex worker who claims he asked her to lie about their relationship.

Judge Nottingham is in the midst of a federal criminal trial and called in sick yesterday and today. It was announced in court that Judge Wiley Daniel will take over the case.

Nottingham presided over the trial of Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio. The full Tenth Circuit is considering whether to uphold a three judge panel's reversal of his conviction due to Nottingham's refusal to allow his expert witness to testify.[More...]

Nottingham has been a federal judge for 19 years and became Chief Judge in 2007, succeeding Judge Lewis Babcock, who took senior status.

9 News reported on television this afternoon that if Judge Nottingham resigns as expected, the Tenth Circuit will dismiss the judicial complaints pending against him.

Many of my pending cases are before Judge Nottingham, whom I've known since the mid-70's when he was a federal prosecutor. No insults to Nottingham will be allowed in comments on this site.

Update: Court sources confirm the resignation will be effective immediately.

Update: I am going to close comments on this post. I'm reporting it because it is news but I don't want Judge Nottingham criticized here.

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