Popular Vote Totals So Far

As I've discussed endlessly (heh) in comments, I want whoever the nominee is to be the choice of democratic voters.  I don't want  a delegate win, I want a voter win.  Because it's the voters we have to get back out in November.  In anticipation of Super Tuesday, here's my calculations of the popular vote so far.  I will update it after Super Tuesday.  As expected, it's close between Obama and Clinton.

Clinton               Edwards            Obama

  70,505             71,222           89,864        IOWA+

112,610             48,818           105,007      NH++

  58,893             43,384             52,339       NEVADA+

141,217             93,576           295,214       SC

854,391           247,926           567,027       FLA++

1,237,616       504,926          1,109,451         TOTAL

+Caucus states are based on applying the % of state delegates to the estimated participant numbers, it's not very precise, but there's no other way I could think of doing it.  I'd love to hear if anyone has any better ideas.  I don't think Iowa and Nevada voters should go uncounted just because their states have a caucus system.

++New Hampshire is based off the original numbers, I'll try to update when the recount is complete.

+++Florida is based on the 98% reporting I got last night, I'll update once we have the complete tally.

I'm not including Michigan because the lack of having all candidates on the ballot skews things, in my opinion.  For those interested, here was the Michigan popular vote:

Clinton:  328,151

Uncommitted:  237,762

And, yes, Edwards is still on this one because I did it last night.  Think of it as a tribute because his popular vote, while definitely lagging, is still pretty good.

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    Error on Edwards Nevada Total (none / 0) (#1)
    by BDB on Wed Jan 30, 2008 at 10:40:42 AM EST
    I misread the numbers.  I'm going to need to re-calculate it.