Late Night: The Shape of Things to Come

Most of you probably aren't old enough to remember the movie Wild in the Streets, about a politician running for Congress on the platform "Never Trust Anyone Over 30."

The Hillary and Obama events today in Cedar Rapids and Coralville made me think of the film, because the caucuses are shaping up to be a battle between the middle-aged and geriatric vs. the young. And then, there's Edwards, whose support of the working person and the poor encompasses all age groups.


The final turnout will be interesting for sure. While my heart will always be with "Wild in the Streets," that's no longer my age group and promises of hope, change and optimism are no longer enough. As an adult, I want specifics.

In my view, Hillary and Edwards have them while Obama is an untested unknown whom I'm not sure will have the wherewithal to implement his ideals, particularly in the face of even a marginally hostile Congress.

Tomorrow night we'll know what the voters of Iowa think. While you may write them off as "heartland" or atypical, remember that they had the opportunity to hear each of the candidates up close and personal.

I really think that Iowa is shaping up to be a contest between the young and the old -- on the one hand you have the middle aged and elderly -- whose primary concerns are social security and health care -- and on the other, the young, to whom vague promises like "hope, optimism and change" and concern for the environment have a demonstrable appeal.

I have no idea who will win. Even the MSM journalists here are all over the map, shaking their heads saying anything can happen. While I don't believe any candidate will be knocked out because of the Iowa results, I do believe the results will be a measure of "the shape of things to come."

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    by Natal on Thu Jan 03, 2008 at 06:54:25 AM EST
    How late into the night when we will know the results?

    Nice analysis.

    Do you think "the young" (none / 0) (#2)
    by oculus on Thu Jan 03, 2008 at 10:28:58 AM EST
    who turn out tonight will have the patience to stick it out through the whole caucus?  Everything I hate about committe mtgs. is in play here!