Iowa Pre-Caucus Thread

As Tom Petty says, the waiting is the hardest part. Doors open in two hours to the caucuses. Will independent voters turn out in droves to vote for a Democrat? Will the youth vote materialize? Will there really be an unprecedented number of first-time caucus goers? Will Hillary use all of her 5,000 drivers to get her supporters to their caucus venues? Who will the second tier candidates throw their support to?

Jane of Firedoglake and I have three caucuses on our list and will live-blog from whichever we end up at. After the caucuses, we'll be at the Convention Center to watch the results come in real-time with the other 2,500 journalists. Both of us will have desk space with electrical outlets and internet connections.


Right now we're planning to end the night at the Hillary party which will be at our hotel. They've been setting up since this morning and there's Secret Service everywhere. While Jane and I have been assured we are invited and will be able to get in, I'm not convinced. Some staffers say its open to the public and others say it's invitation only.

My three laptop batteries are fully charged for the caucuses (they only last 2 hours each when I'm online) as are my video and digital cameras and Treo. I'm taking the power cords and a blank notebook as well (a small suitcase of stuff.)

Some past Iowa caucus facts and stats:

  • 2004 results: John Kerry, John Edwards, Howard Dean
  • 2000 results: Al Gore, Bill Bradley

Iowa has picked the eventual Democratic nominee in 5 of the past 7 competitive caucuses.

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