Crocodile Tears

Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, Haiti's former dictator, has broken
years of silence to apologise for his regime's mistakes and to request

his people's forgiveness.


"If, during my presidential mandate, the government caused any
physical, moral or economic wrongs to others, I solemnly take the

historical responsibility ... to request forgiveness from the people

and ask for the impartial judgment of history," Duvalier said.

I think the impartial judgment of a court of law would be even better. As the article notes, he's broke and he's divorced from his wife and appears to be desperate. I love this comment:

Duvalier's inability or unwillingness to get a job has forced him to
rely on handouts from friends. He reportedly lives in a one-bedroom

flat in Paris. Last month Switzerland extended a freeze on a

Duvalier-linked bank account containing £3.1m.

I vote for unwillingness. He could at least drive a cab, work as a doorman or some other work that would not entail too much exertion or brainpower, the former of which he doesn't want to expend and the latter of which seems to be in short supply with him.

In all honesty, I really don't want to see him go back to Haiti, not even to face justice. Whatever benefit that would have would probably be outweighed by the disruption his presence would cause, even in shackles and leg irons. Let him struggle to survive as a leech in his own ignominious surroundings.

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