On The Deaths of Sgt Mora and Sgt Gray

Sgt Mora and Sgt Gray were two of the authors of the op-ed highly critical of the war in Iraq that ran in the New York Times "The War As We Saw It".  They were both killed in Iraq recently.  

Regarding Sgt Mora's critical views of Iraq his widow said she "doesn't want anybody to think that he was unpatriotic."  That thought never entered my head.  Sgt Mora and Sgt Gray were true patriots.  It took a special courage to speak truth to power.  They served in Iraq though they believed that the situation there had become unmanageable.

Our soldiers will go where we send them.  They will do their best to try to carry out the mission, whether the mission is justified or not.  That is their duty.  Our duty is to ensure that no American soldier is ever asked to risk his or her life for light and transient reasons.  The possibility of being killed is unfortunately part of the job of being a soldier.  What I believe every soldier asks is that we not take their lives for granted so that their deaths will never be in vain.  

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    What Scribe Wrote (none / 0) (#1)
    by john horse on Sun Sep 16, 2007 at 11:58:34 PM EST
    After posting this diary I noticed that scribe has a much better piece on the same subject.