still blackmailing homos

while i was thrilled to see another self-loathing traitor-to-his-own kind hypocrite taken down, i'm increasingly appalled by the police still rounding up homos.

i was kind of stunned to read the arrest report and see how little the senator actually did. you can arrest someone for tapping his foot, making shoe-to-shoe contact and swiping his hand?

i have no doubt that craig was signalling he wanted sex, but that's the whole point of inuendo and suggestion, right? you can suggest your thoughts without actually expressing them, so you can find other people interested in the love that dare not speak its name without actually speaking its name.

and i'm finding it more and more funny/insane that craig didn't just tell the judge, "yeah, i was thinking about having sex with the guy in that stall. but i didn't. i'm pretty sure it's not illegal to think about having sex."

of course he couldn't do that: it would be admitting his gayness--much scarier for him than admitting to a misdemeanor. what's so disturbing  is that the cops were apparently counting on that intimidation not just for a rare case where they would entrap a senator, but that it would work on nearly all the desperate closet cases they trapped in that bathroom.

the fact that the cop proceeded to arrest with no evidence, just inuendo, is stunning. i don't think this is the cops' first try at this, so they know what works and what doesn't. they know that all they have to wait for are a few obvious suggestions, and even though they would be laughed out of court with this "evidence," it's more than enough to bully most of the closet cases into confessing to keep it quiet. "just sign this confession, and it will all go away" the cop kept suggesting, in almost so many words.

that is vile. they know these guys are married and/or putting up a big straight front, and they could get them to admit to espionage before the sucker would allow a public court case exposing himself as a homo.

wow. 21st century, and the cops are still blackmailing homos with their sexuality. and in an urban center of a liberal state, no less. gross.

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    One Very Surreal Aspect -The Policeman (5.00 / 1) (#1)
    by TearDownThisWall on Fri Aug 31, 2007 at 12:54:50 PM EST
    who gets the "Airport mens'room Duty"....I mean, this has to be at the very bottom of the rung of potential assingments.

    Imagine being told today-
    "OK Jennings (made up name) today you go to the airport mens'room, sit in the stall for 8 hours and try to arrest guys trying to have gay sex"

    and then a few hours later "Jennings" calls his boss and says "ya never believe it... got me  a Senator today"

    So Now....How long till "Jennings" writes a book/ goes on Oprah, featured in movies...

    what a weird world we live in

    Blackmailing (none / 0) (#2)
    by womanwarrior on Fri Aug 31, 2007 at 11:20:29 PM EST
    I agree with you.  Three questions:  

    Is it a crime to solicit consensual sex in Minn?

    Who leaked it to Roll Call?  Do the police leak the info on other guys they blackmail?  Or print them in a local newspaper ledger?  

    And in response to the other comment, why was it a sergeant in there?  Had Sen. Craig been in there doing this before and they decided to get him this time?

    Well, next time, I hope people know to call Jeralyn, or at least a local criminal defense lawyer.  But then they will miss their plane.  

    This thinking just does not go on in the MSM.