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Huffington Post gets a blog-lift (y.i.c.t.p., as Skippy would say). And it's a good one.

And to organize it all we've created five new sections: Media, Business, Entertainment, a culture and lifestyle section called Living Now, and a Politics section that will feature our political editor Tom Edsall and a shared-content partnership with Josh Marshall and Talking Points Memo. Plus, we've improved the design, navigation, and search function to help you find what you want more easily.

The front page will continue to feature our signature group blog and breaking news stories, but it was clearly no longer big enough to contain all the great stories, blog posts, and features we wanted to share with you. So each new section will have its own "front page" with fresh editorial talent and a constantly growing list of bloggers.

I think it's a great progression, and I would have expected nothing less from Arianna and her crew. And yes, when I have something to say, I'll still be a guest poster there.

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