Gov. Eliot Spitzer to Introduce Gay Marriage Bill

I've finally found something I agree with New York Governor Eliot Spitzer about. Keeping a campaign promise, he will be introducing a bill to legalize gay marriage.

“The governor made a commitment to advance a program bill, and he will fulfill that commitment during this legislative session,” Ms. Anderson said, using the term that refers to legislation introduced directly by the governor rather than through a state agency or by the Legislature.

Is it all for show? He didn't include it in his legislative prioritybudget for the year.

Explaining why he did not include the gay-marriage bill among his post-budget legislative priorities, Mr. Spitzer said last week that he “was listing bills that I think we can and should get passed by the Legislature in the next few weeks. And so I am focusing now on politics as the art of the possible. “I think most who are close to the issue would agree with me that it’s not likely to be passed in the next nine and a half weeks,” Mr. Spitzer added.

Is he just going through the motions? Does that count? When is he going to introduce a bill to repeal the odious and draconian Rockefeller sentencing laws?

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