Gonzales and the Smoking Chart

Uh-Oh. Firedoglake reports things just got a lot worse for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and his former sidekick, Kyle Sampson. As spotted by a commenter at Daily Kos in today's document dump, Set 5 p 14. (pdf) (2/12/07 From Monica Goodling):

"This is the chart that the AG requested. I'll show it to him on the plane tomorrow if he's interested"

He requested the chart. But when? When it was made? The chart (scroll down from the email on page 14) shows the fired U.S. Attorneys and their proposed replacements, some of whose names have been redacted.

Gonzales testified under oath he did not have this information and was not involved in the replacements. Kyle Sampson said he did not have a list. Here's a list, from January, 2006.

Are dates a factor here?

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    gonzales lied over and over ... (none / 0) (#1)
    by Sailor on Fri Apr 13, 2007 at 05:38:37 PM EST
    ... sometimes under oath.


    So far the most intriguing revelation in the 2,400 pages is troubling but hardly criminal. In a spreadsheet analysis of the professional qualifications of all U.S. attorneys drawn up by DOJ staffers, there are sections for both prosecutorial and political experience. The latter category is broken down into columns showing time spent at the Justice Department, on the Hill, in political campaigns and government staff. The last column indicates whether or not the U.S. attorney is a member of the conservative legal organization the Federalist Society.
    Remember abu gonzales saying :
    "To think we made these changes to retaliate or because they didn't carry out certain prosecutions?" he said. "That did not occur here. I stand by the decision to make the changes."
    Yet the changes were explicitly made because of complaints from Repub congress critters and state rnc heads that immigration and 'election violations' (only by dems ... which turned out not to be true), were at the heart of the firings.

    Of course Alberto Gharib also said:

    "I value their independence, their professionalism, what they do in the community, and these decisions were not based on political reasons," Gonzales said. "The decisions were not based in any way on retaliation."