Ney-Abramoff Connection Yields Another Conviction

Former Rep. Bob Ney's former chief of staff William Heaton followed Ney's lead by pleading guilty to a federal charge resulting from his corrupt relationship with Jack Abramoff. Talk about having your fingerprints all over the money:

Heaton was also was one of several recipients of a number of other [Abramoff-financed] trips abroad, concert and sporting-event tickets, meals and gambling chips, all taken with full knowledge the gifts were in exchange for official favors from Ney.

During one of those trips, Heaton and another staffer helped Ney conceal $5,000 brought into the country through customs and stored the money in a safe inside Ney’s congressional office. Court documents said Heaton “open[ed] the safe as requested so that Ney could make repeated withdrawals.”

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