Young Feminist Questions Support for Hilary

A young feminist writing at Alternet today says she's torn about voting for Hillary. Her feminist self tells her she should, while politically, she's not sure.

I don't think feminism requires one to to vote for a female candidate. People should vote for the candidate they view as most qualified -- the person they believe is best suited for the job.

It would be a milestone and an achievement to have a woman President. I've frequently said that I think Hillary is more than up to the task.

But, if I decide to support Hillary, it won't be because she's a woman. It will be because I think she's the best choice to lead our country, based upon her experience, intelligence and position on issues -- all issues, not female issues.

No one owes Hillary a vote because she's female. I'm glad she's running. I'm glad a woman is running. But it will be Hillary the candidate not Hillary the woman that sways me in the end if I decide to support her.

One other thing: No one except delegates get to vote for Hillary unless she's the Democratic nominee. Once nominated, the choice will be between voting for a Republican and voting for a Democrat who happens to be Hillary. That's a no-brainer, as far as I'm concerned.

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    Supporting Hillary? (5.00 / 1) (#1)
    by lindalawyer on Mon Feb 26, 2007 at 08:30:08 PM EST
    Dear Jeralyn, Why are you supporting Hillary when she did not have the backbone to oppose the war in Iraq?

    I'm Just wondering... (none / 0) (#13)
    by ding7777 on Tue Feb 27, 2007 at 01:37:44 AM EST
    did you support Kerry?  

    once he got the nomination (none / 0) (#37)
    by Jeralyn on Tue Feb 27, 2007 at 08:27:19 AM EST
    I supported Kerry. He was not my first choice.

    Can I rate that Q (none / 0) (#2)
    by bx58 on Mon Feb 26, 2007 at 09:06:35 PM EST
    a TEN?

    I thought I made it clear (none / 0) (#3)
    by Jeralyn on Mon Feb 26, 2007 at 10:41:17 PM EST
    that I have not made up my mind who I will support.  I like Hillary, I also like John Edwards.  

    I may well decide to come out for Hillary.  But it's too early to make a firm commitment and I'm still open.

    Supporting Hillary....... (none / 0) (#36)
    by lindalawyer on Tue Feb 27, 2007 at 07:09:55 AM EST
    I would sincerely like someone to explain to me, Hillary included, why her leadership abilities should not be evaluated on the basis of her prior support for the war. I will of course vote for Hillary if she is ultimately the Democratic candidate, but at the moment, I am having a difficult time beliving in her political integrity.

    I'm not at all glad Hillary Clinton is running (none / 0) (#4)
    by glanton on Mon Feb 26, 2007 at 10:55:04 PM EST
    To be honest she hasn't done or said a freaking thing that has ever inspired me or even challenged me in any way.  Her desire for National Health Care is shared by every serious Democratic contender, so I don't really see that big of a plus there.

    I have thought for some time that she hurts the Democratic Party infinitely more than she helps it.  

    That being said I've always been amused at the level of hate and paranoia she inspires on the Right. I mean, the hyperbole with which they speak of her.  Look at Dick Morris.  God what a human pukestain Dick Morris is.  

    Stay alert.  

    Hillary (none / 0) (#38)
    by Slado on Tue Feb 27, 2007 at 02:58:42 PM EST
    I hope she gets the nomination I really do because not only do I think she will loose but come on, how much fun will 2007 and 2008 be?  

    If anyone is deluding themselves into thinking that the actions of her and her husband during her  husbands administration and the actions her husband has engaged in while they've been living apart won't be splattered all over the blogoshpere, internet and cable television then your dreaming.

    If you think Kerry got swiftboated wait till you see what happens to Hilliary.   She might not make it past the primaries.    I wouldn't put it past Obama or Edwards to drag out the past of these two.

    Geffen was right on the mark in saying this women is not electable.  I just hope the democrats are too dumb to see it because the show will be epic.  

    No (none / 0) (#39)
    by Emily O on Wed Feb 28, 2007 at 12:24:13 AM EST
    It shouldn't be seen as necessary for a feminist to support Hillary just because of her gender. Male candidates may be better choices for women's issues (and other issues, too).