Kiefer Sutherland Gets 48 Days in Jail for D.U.I.

A California judge today sentenced Kiefer Sutherland to 48 days in jail on his 4th D.U.I. arrest. It wasn't a surprise, since that's what his plea agreement called for.

He asked to start serving the sentence immediately and will be at the Glendale City Jail.

He must serve all 48 days in jail. Under the terms of his plea, he also must serve 60 months probation, pay a $510 fine, enroll in an 18-month alcohol-education class and attend weekly alcohol-therapy sessions for six months, [Asst. City Attorney]Jeffries said.

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    FARK headline said it best: (none / 0) (#1)
    by jerry on Wed Dec 05, 2007 at 11:22:58 PM EST

    A funny headline regardless of whether you agree his sentence was fair or not....

    I am curious if his decision to start serving immediately was related to the ongoing writers' strile....

    Obviously I posted too late at night.... (none / 0) (#6)
    by jerry on Thu Dec 06, 2007 at 10:44:14 AM EST
    The FARK Headline was:

    Keifer Sutherland gets 48 Hours for DUI which is NOT ENOUGH TIME!


    i've always kind of liked (none / 0) (#2)
    by cpinva on Thu Dec 06, 2007 at 12:17:27 AM EST
    mr. sutherland, i do hope he gets his act together. it would be a shame for him, or anyone for that matter, to trash their life over alcohol or any other drugs.

    A perfect candidate for income related fines (none / 0) (#3)
    by Aaron on Thu Dec 06, 2007 at 09:25:16 AM EST
    Instead of a $510 fine, Sutherland should be paying $510,000, that would be enough to sting him into hiring a personal driver to pick them up whenever he has had too much to drink.

    As I've said before, start allowing judges to fine these chronic offenders based on a percentage of their income.  And instead of giving them jail time, start sending them to nursing homes and convalescent centers to take care of people who have been maimed and crippled for life as a result of drunk driving accidents.

    If it gets them to stop, we'll be doing them and society in favor.

    That's tyranny Aaron..... (none / 0) (#5)
    by kdog on Thu Dec 06, 2007 at 09:29:12 AM EST
    A 500k fine for a DUI?  No wealthy neighborhood would be safe from random checkpoints up the wazoo.

    Selfishly, that would work for me because it would get the random checkpoints out of my hood, but that's a recipe for tyranny I cannot support.


    Try this concept (none / 0) (#7)
    by jimakaPPJ on Fri Dec 07, 2007 at 08:38:56 AM EST
    "Equality before the law."

    It's what gives us, among much more, public defenders.


    If I were young (none / 0) (#4)
    by Bob In Pacifica on Thu Dec 06, 2007 at 09:25:31 AM EST
    If I were young, living in Hollywood and had some seed money, I'd open a celebrity rescue service. You know, with a team of designated drivers, a fleet of cars, etc. Production companies would be encouraged to make sure every budding star carried a card with my service.

    "Find yourself drunk or whacked out on drugs? Don't want to blow your career? Want to keep the paparazzi at bay? Ride with us."

    Just a thought. Back to my cup of coffee.

    Smart on his part. (none / 0) (#9)
    by sarcastic unnamed one on Fri Dec 07, 2007 at 12:43:52 PM EST
    His show is shut down anyway because of the strike.